Armor ATFSD-A5503W 55" Windows Floor Standing Touch Kiosk

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  • Storage: 4GB | 64GB
  • CPU: Intel i3- 3th gen
  • Operating System: Windows 10

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Buy Armor ATFSD-A5503W 55" Windows Floor Standing Touch Kiosk Price in Bangladesh.

The Armor ATFSD-A5503W is a 55-inch Windows-based floor-standing touch kiosk designed for interactive digital signage and self-service applications. The kiosk features a sizable 55-inch touchscreen display, providing a large and immersive visual experience. The touchscreen allows users to interact directly with the content on the screen, making it ideal for interactive applications, such as wayfinding, information display, product catalogs, and more. The kiosk runs on the Windows operating system, offering a familiar interface and compatibility with a wide range of Windows-based software applications. This allows for easy integration with existing systems and content management software, making it convenient for businesses to manage and deploy content. The kiosk is designed in a floor-standing format, making it a self-contained unit that can be placed in various indoor locations, including retail stores, hotels, shopping malls, airports, and exhibition halls. The freestanding design eliminates the need for additional mounting hardware and provides a stable and secure installation. The ATFSD-A5503W is built with a sturdy and durable construction to withstand public use. The kiosk is designed to handle high-traffic environments and is resistant to dust, scratches, and other external factors that may affect its performance and appearance. It is also equipped with security features to protect against tampering or unauthorized access. The kiosk supports wireless connectivity, allowing for easy content updates and remote management. It can connect to Wi-Fi networks, enabling real-time updates and seamless integration with cloud-based content management systems. This wireless connectivity also enables interactive features, such as online browsing, social media integration, and live data feeds. The ATFSD-A5503W includes various input and output options to enhance versatility. It features USB ports for connecting peripherals like keyboards, barcode scanners, or printers. Additionally, it supports HDMI and VGA connections, enabling external devices to be connected for expanded functionality. The kiosk is equipped with built-in speakers, providing audio output for multimedia content or interactive applications that require sound. This feature enhances the overall user experience and makes the kiosk suitable for applications involving audio or video playback. To ensure the security of the kiosk and its components, the ATFSD-A5503W is equipped with a secure locking system. This system prevents unauthorized access to the internal components and helps protect against theft or vandalism. The Armor ATFSD-A5503W 55" Windows Floor Standing Touch Kiosk offers a large touchscreen display, Windows operating system, robust construction, wireless connectivity, and multiple inputs/outputs. With its versatile features and secure design, this interactive kiosk is suitable for various applications, providing an engaging and user-friendly platform for digital signage and self-service solutions.

What is the price of Armor ATFSD-A5503W 55" Windows Floor Standing Touch Kiosk in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Armor ATFSD-A5503W 55" Windows Floor Standing Touch Kiosk in Bangladesh is ৳179,500.00 . You can buy the Armor ATFSD-A5503W 55" Windows Floor Standing Touch Kiosk at best price from BME ONLINE SHOP, Bangladesh.

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