Welcome to ASTHA Store Bangladesh.

Greetings from ASTHA Store Bangladesh. BME Online Shop is an e-commerce based webpage that (retailers and wholesalers) sells versatile ICT based products. We are a reputable company committed to providing the best quality products and competitive price to our customers. BME has been launching and selling ASTHA Brand Products in the Bangladesh market. ASTHA is a Leading ITC Based Computer, Computer Related Hardware, Bank Equipment's, Security Equipment, Electronic Office Equipment & Related Product Manufacturer & Distribution Company in Hong Kong. We are ASTHA Authorized Distributor in Bangladesh.

We are operating the business for the last 17 years in Bangladesh. we are proudly presents a diversified and state-of art product lineup, All in One PC, Laptop, Desktop, Multi Interactive Touch Screen, Interactive White Board, Computer Related Accessorized,  Bank Note Counting Machines, Fake Note Detector Machines, Cheque Writing Printer or Cheque Writer, Currency note binding machine, Walk Through Metal Detector with Temperature Scanner, Archoy Gate Metal Detectors, Hand held metal detectors, X-Ray Baggage Inspection Machine, Metal detectors, Barrier Gate, Check weighed combination system & office Equipment Products, If you have an interest in looking for good Point of Sale hardware supplier for your business in territory, please visit the product page to learn more and apply, contact Yuone sales team for more further specific details about the POS hardware,  POS touch screen hardware, portable POS, touch screen monitor display, barcode scanners, thermal printers, label printers, cash drawers, or other relevant POS peripherals. 

The expert team of marketing professionals and certified engineers ensure uncompromised customer service at both pre sales and post sales periods. Our distinguished clients include reputed companies from the Government, Semi-Government, Telecommunication, Pharmaceutical, Construction & Engineering, FMCG, Financial, Healthcare, Textiles, Transportation, Equation Sector. We stick to the development course of specialized products and services for customers from all over the world with advanced equipment, technology and management. Accordingly quality and reputation is our basement in all business transaction and activity. We warmly welcome friends and customers from worldwide to establish a mutually profitable business relationship together in the near future.