ASTHA CW-120FA Cheque Writing Printer

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Quick Overview
  • LED display, Standard Keyboard.
  • Clear Printing and Protected Check.
  • Date, Payee, Signature, Lssue Place.
  • Amount by both Letters and Numbers.
  • Dot Matric Printer/Needle-Type Printer.
  • Printing Length & Position is Adjustable.

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Model CW-120FA
Type Desktop
Printing Method 76mm Dot Matrix Printer
Function Cheque Print
Width of Cheque No Limits / Standard
Length of Cheque No Limits / Standard
Lifetime for Print Head ± 100,000,000
Input Voltage DC +24Volt, 2.0Amp.
Power Consumption 20W
Consumable / Ribbon Epson ERC-27 Ribbon
Dimensions (W x L x H) 276*260*115 mm
Weight 2.5kg


ASTHA CW 120FA Automatic Full Keyboard Multi-Currency Electronic Check Writing / Printing Printer Machines has A Check Writer is a 76mm Dot Matrix Printer for protecting a check from unauthorized alteration of either the amount or the authorizing signature. A check writer leaves a written impression, accomplished by the machine applying downward force on the check and leaving a very small hit by Dot Matric Printer in the field of a check that is very difficult to alter. This device Epson ERC-27 Ribbon writer from my company can print at most 7 items, like Date, Payee, the amount in numerals or letters, Signatures, issue place, or other items.

Features: Date, Payee, signature, issue place, and Amount by both letters and numbers. Any Currency symbols can be printed before the amount in numberBDT, BDT,  USD1,234,567.89*, Any Currency you can print as you wish such as Dollar Cent,     Euro Cent,    Naira Kobo... eg: Two Hundred Thousand Naira and Thirty Kobo only. LED display, standard keyboard. Dot Matrix Printer/Needle-type Printer. The printing places and length are adjustable. Work stand-alone or connected to the computer. Connected to a computer in the US, the size of the font can be changed. Any Check size or Any Currency symbols can be printed like: BDT, USD, etc.

Note: Specifications, Design, and color of the product are subject to change due to the continuous development of the product.

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The latest price of ASTHA CW-120FA Cheque Writing Printer in Bangladesh is ৳49,500.00 . You can buy the ASTHA CW-120FA Cheque Writing Printer at best price from BME ONLINE SHOP, Bangladesh.

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