ASTHA UV-106M10 Fake Note Detector Machine

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  • Counterfeit Detectors
  • Hassle Free Performance
  • Compact and Portable Design
  • Powerful Ultraviolet Light Detector
  • Automatic UV sensor, Magnetic Detection

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Model UV-106M10
Magnify Glass KB-104:with Magnify glass(5X) KB-104D:With Two Magnify glass(10X)
UV Lamp 2 Lamp 06 Watt
Power Supply 220V, 50hz, 8 Amp
Dimensions 270 x 150 x 145 mm
Weight 1.3kg


Buy ASTHA UV-106M10 Fake Note Detector Machine Price in Bangladesh

The ASTHA UV-106M10 Fake Note Detector Machine is a cutting-edge solution for businesses and individuals in Bangladesh looking to ensure the authenticity of their banknotes. Designed with advanced counterfeit detection methods, this machine is an essential tool in safeguarding financial transactions. As of now, the price of the ASTHA UV-106M10 Fake Note Detector Machine in Bangladesh is ৳5,500. Offered by BME, a trusted name in ICT products, this machine guarantees reliability and efficiency, making it a worthy investment for those prioritizing financial security.

In today's fast-paced world, the integrity of financial transactions remains paramount. As counterfeit currency continues to pose challenges for businesses and consumers alike, the need for reliable detection methods has never been more critical. Enter the ASTHA UV-106M10 Fake Note Detector Machine—a cutting-edge solution designed to ensure the authenticity of banknotes.

With its advanced features and user-friendly design, this machine stands as a testament to BME's commitment to providing top-tier ICT products in Bangladesh. Whether you're a retailer, a bank, or an individual, understanding the capabilities of this machine is essential to safeguarding your financial interests.

Features of ASTHA UV-106M10 Fake Note Detector Machine

Ultraviolet Light Detection

Importance of UV in Detecting Fake Notes: Ultraviolet (UV) light has been a trusted method in identifying counterfeit notes for years. Genuine banknotes have specific UV features that are invisible to the naked eye but glow under UV light. Counterfeit notes, lacking these features, are easily distinguishable.

How ASTHA UV-106M10 Utilizes UV Technology: The ASTHA UV-106M10 is equipped with powerful ultraviolet light detectors that illuminate these UV features on genuine banknotes. Its precision ensures that even the most sophisticated counterfeit notes are detected.

Magnetic Detection

Role of Magnetic Features in Banknotes: Many modern banknotes incorporate magnetic properties in their designs. These magnetic features are often embedded in the ink or the paper itself, serving as an additional layer of security against counterfeiting.

ASTHA UV-106M10's Magnetic Detection Capabilities: This machine boasts an advanced magnetic detection system. It scans banknotes for their magnetic properties, ensuring that any note lacking these features is flagged.

Design and Portability

Compactness and Why It Matters: In the bustling environment of retail or banking, space is at a premium. The ASTHA UV-106M10, with its compact design, ensures that it doesn't occupy much space, making it a perfect fit for any counter or desk.

Suitability for Different Business Types: Whether you run a small retail shop, a large commercial bank, or a cozy cafe, the portability and design of the ASTHA UV-106M10 make it an ideal choice. Its lightweight nature ensures it can be easily moved, and its robust build guarantees durability.

Why Choose ASTHA UV-106M10?

Performance and Reliability

Hassle-free Performance Guarantee: The ASTHA UV-106M10 is designed to operate seamlessly, ensuring that businesses can run their operations without interruptions. Its state-of-the-art technology ensures that it consistently delivers accurate results, making it a trusted ally against counterfeit notes.

Reviews and User Feedback: Trusted by numerous businesses across Bangladesh, the ASTHA UV-106M10 has garnered positive reviews for its efficiency and reliability. Users often commend its accuracy, ease of use, and the peace of mind it brings to their financial transactions.


Range of Counterfeit Detection Methods: Beyond UV and magnetic detection, the machine is equipped with features like fluorescent light for watermark verification and a large magnifier for micro-printing verification. This multi-faceted approach ensures that counterfeit notes, regardless of the method used to produce them, are detected.

Suitable for Various Currencies and Documents: While tailored for Bangladeshi banknotes, the ASTHA UV-106M10's versatile detection methods make it suitable for verifying a range of currencies and even other important documents with security features.

Safety and User Protection

UV-ray Exposure Protection: Prolonged exposure to UV rays can be harmful. Keeping user safety in mind, the ASTHA UV-106M10 comes with a folding stand for angled viewing, ensuring users are protected from direct UV-ray exposure.

Safe for Prolonged Use: The machine is built with high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring it remains safe for prolonged use. Whether it's used occasionally or continuously throughout the day, users can be assured of its safety and durability.

Pros and Cons of the ASTHA UV-106M10 Fake Note Detector Machine


Multifaceted Detection: The machine employs multiple methods, including UV, magnetic, and fluorescent light detection, ensuring comprehensive counterfeit note identification.

Compact and Portable: Its sleek design ensures it doesn't occupy much space, making it suitable for various business environments, from small shops to large banks.

User Safety: Designed with user safety in mind, it offers features like a folding stand for angled viewing, protecting users from direct UV-ray exposure.

Versatility: While optimized for Bangladeshi banknotes, its range of detection methods makes it adaptable for various currencies and security documents.

Durable Build: Made with high-quality materials, it promises longevity and is resistant to wear and tear, even with continuous use.

Positive User Feedback: Trusted by numerous businesses, it has garnered commendable reviews for its efficiency and reliability.


Learning Curve: New users might need some time to familiarize themselves with all its features and detection methods.

Price Point: While it offers a range of features, its price might be on the higher side for small businesses or individual users.

Electric Dependency: The machine requires a power source for operation, which might limit its usability in areas with frequent power outages or without access to electricity.

Maintenance: Like all electronic devices, it might require periodic maintenance to ensure optimal performance, which could incur additional costs.

Limited to Physical Verification: As a hardware device, it can only verify physical notes and cannot detect online or digital frauds.

FAQs About ASTHA UV-106M10 Fake Note Detector Machine

How does the ASTHA UV-106M10 detect counterfeit notes?

The machine employs a combination of detection methods, including UV light, magnetic properties, and fluorescent light. These methods target the security features embedded in genuine banknotes, ensuring that counterfeit notes are easily distinguishable.

Is the machine suitable for other currencies besides Bangladeshi banknotes?

Yes, while the ASTHA UV-106M10 is optimized for Bangladeshi banknotes, its versatile detection methods make it adaptable for a range of other currencies. Additionally, it can verify other important documents with security features.

How safe is it to use the machine for prolonged periods?

The machine is designed with user safety in mind. Features like a folding stand for angled viewing protect users from direct UV-ray exposure. Moreover, its high-quality build ensures it remains safe and resistant to wear and tear, even with continuous use.

What maintenance does the machine require?

Like all electronic devices, periodic maintenance is recommended to ensure optimal performance. This might include cleaning the sensors, updating the software (if applicable), and checking for any wear and tear.

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The ASTHA UV-106M10 Fake Note Detector Machine stands as a testament to the advancements in counterfeit detection technology. In an era where financial security is paramount, having a reliable tool to ensure the authenticity of transactions is invaluable. BME, with its longstanding reputation in Bangladesh, offers this machine as a solution to the challenges posed by counterfeit currency.

Its multifaceted detection methods, user-centric design, and commitment to safety make it an essential asset for businesses and individuals alike. By investing in the ASTHA UV-106M10, users are not just purchasing a product; they are investing in peace of mind, knowing that their financial transactions are secure. As we move towards a future where the integrity of every transaction matters, tools like the ASTHA UV-106M10 will play a pivotal role in shaping a secure financial landscape.

What is the price of ASTHA UV-106M10 Fake Note Detector Machine in Bangladesh?

The latest price of ASTHA UV-106M10 Fake Note Detector Machine in Bangladesh is ৳5,500.00 . You can buy the ASTHA UV-106M10 Fake Note Detector Machine at best price from BME ONLINE SHOP, Bangladesh.

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