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Are you Looking for Walk Through Temperature Scanner, Metal Detectors, X-Ray Baggage Inspection Machine in Bangladesh?

We are your reliable partner in quality security control and inspection for your organazation, We keep your Safety & Security Solution for your entry point must be cover the modern Technology solution of Walk Through Metal Detector with Temperature Scanner, Archoy Gate Metal Detectors, Hand held metal detectors, X-Ray Baggage Inspection Machine, Metal detectors, Barrier Gate, check weigher combination system, Neeld Detectors, Metal Separator With us you can ensure the real security solution of the Jindun brand best Price in Bangladesh.

BME  is the authorized Partner/Distributor of Jindun in Bangladesh. Jindun all products go through design, engineering, and manufacturing process LED by highly skilled and experienced engineers to manufacture high-quality, precise, intelligent and affordable quality control systems and security inspection. All These Metal Detector and Scanners are the Important Electronic Device that Make Your Organization Access Point and Internal Area More Secure, Archoy Gate/ Walk Throw Metal Detector, Handheld Metal Detector Can be combined check personal Coming with any Arms and Metal to make any Attack and Occurrence in Restricted area Where ever to Stop The Person Coming In Side Must Be Cover With Access Control Systems or Barrier Gate Like Trunstiles Gate, Vehicle Barrier and Others Access Control Solution. Whenever particular person come, He or she have to go Throw Few Checking Device, the Device identify the person whether the person are allow to access the area and keep his/her time and date of access into device memory and Keep hid Record to Further Identify The Person for any Suspicious Issue.Jindun is a global manufacturer of quality control and security machine for the food, packaging, pharmaceutic, textile, rubber, and other industries, principally offer conveyor belt metal detectors, check Weigher, grader, combination system, X-ray inspection system, needle detector, metal separator, walk through metal detector, X-ray security inspection, and handheld metal detector.

We have been providing our customers quality security control needs for more than 17 years. CE-certified products, our reputation is based on consistent quality and advanced technology, the result of continuous and far-reaching research and development. Rigorous quality standards ensure that we meet customer specifications each time, every time. We are proud of our products and service. We are committed to ensuring quality control and security inspection by providing the best value to all our customers.