Hanlong is a manufacturer and seller of hand tools, all certified by ISO9001:2008 Quality Assurance Standard. Its main products include telecommunication and networking crimping tools, precision cutters, cable strippers, terminal crimping tools, punch down tools, cable tie fastening tools, tool kits, fiber optic SMA/SMB tools, coaxial cable cutter & strippers, heavy–duty tools, cable testers, assembling tools, etc.

To optimize production capacity and reduce costs, its factory is well-equipped with the latest high tonnage punch machines, electric discharge machines, milling machines, CNC profile grinders, laser marking machines, high frequency plastic welding machines, life testers, etc. Hanlong is confident that its seamless teamwork and state-of-the-art equipment, high quality products, excellent research capability and huge experience will surely satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers and Bangladesh market. BME Imported Products in Bangladesh. BME has Imports & Selling this Products all over Bangladesh. there all responsability & warranty cover the BME Bangladesh.