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Uni-T is one of the leading Test and Measurement solutions provider in Bangladesh, a prestige test meter brand in China. Uni-Trend is capable of manufacturing innovative, reliable, high quality, safe to use, and user friendly T&M products. In the international market, Uni-Trend has always been producing products which meet the industry standards, and creating unique innovative solutions in high-growth fields. Uni-Trend is currently developing test meters and instruments in a modern designed With this new facility, Uni-Trend is capable to fully supply product demands from all across the world

We believe that UNi-T technology and innovation are important driving forces for the non contact Infrared Fever Thermometer from UTi165 series. The real Real-time image transmission gun is UTi165 as it offers adjustable emissivity with only small thermometer with range 30˚C to 45˚C, Adjustable emissivity is key feature for more accurate results on vast variety of different surfaces. Let this site be your ultimate source of the latest UNI-T new products. We have large stock in the Bangladesh with huge quantity of products ready for fast delivery.

UNI-T wishes everyone well during this intense period of COVID-19 pandemic. Things will get better with proper protection and social distancing. Recenlly launching 2 models of thermal imager to quickly and effectively measure surface temperatures to identify elevated body temperature. These thermal imagers can be mounted on a tripod and set in public locations such as airports, train stations, schools, shopping malls, and other high traffic areas.Please note that thermal imager itself cannot be used to detect or diagnose COVID-19. These devices are only for screening individuals, and those with elevated body temperature should be further screened by medical professionals for diagnosis. Please contact your local authorized UNI-T distributor or Dealer for product inquiries.

Product Design:Facing the ever-changing science and technology in today’s society, Uni-Trend can only maintain our goal of producing the highest quality standard products through continuous research and development. We have dozens of R&D engineers and technical professionals with rich practical experiences and advanced computer skills, resulting in high quality, diversified, and competitive new products. In the process of new products development, Uni-Trend emphasizes on innovation and safety, to ensure all new products meet our customers’ needs and also satisfy safety standards from a global perspective.

Quality and Safety Certifications: In today’s society, the rapid development of science and technology, as well as competition in the test instrument industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Only by enforcing strict quality control and quality assurance can allow us to stay on top of the competitive market. Uni-Trend has established quality control centers and set up an effective quality control system. Our experienced engineers’ professional and technical abilities further ensures from materials selection, parts for review and selection, to the production process are all in accordance with international standards according to the AQL test. Uni-Trend products, by virtue of excellent quality has reached the international level, receiving the European CE, American UL, the CMC, and many other world renowned quality and safety certifications.

Management and ISO 9001 Certification:Uni-Trend uses the PDCA model for planning, continuous improving, and actively implementing our top quality management system, which is also based on the ISO 9001 international quality standard system. Uni-Trend’s applicable and effective management system has gained a positive impact on all aspects of product and work quality through strict and effective monitoring. Uni-Trend in 1998 was awarded the Lloyd's quality certification issued by ISO 9001, becoming the first test instrument manufacturer in China, Hong Kong, and Macao with this quality certification.

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