World Best Network Media Converter, Ethernet Converter Price in Bangladesh.

A network converter device is a hardware device that converts data signals from one type of network media to another. It is used to connect two different types of networks together that are not directly compatible with each other. For example, it can be used to connect a fiber optic network with a copper-based network.

A media converter is a device that converts Ethernet or other communication protocols from one cable type to another type, usually copper to fiber. It is used to connect network devices that have different media types, such as UTP and thinned, or to extend the transmission distance and improve the signal quality of the network. A media converter can also convert fiber modes, such as multi-mode to single-mode, or link speeds, such as 10Base to 100Base. A media converter works as a transceiver that converts the electrical signal used in copper cabling to light waves used in fiber cabling. Media converters are a technology that allows administrators to interconnect different media types—for example, twisted pair, fiber, and thin or thick coax—within an existing network. Using a media converter, it is possible to connect to newer 100Mbps, Gigabit Ethernet.