Cisco Network Switches are known for their performance, flexibility, and security. They are scalable and cost-efficient and meet the demands of hybrid work. You can use the Cisco Switch Selector tool to quickly identify the right Cisco switch for your needs, whether you’re looking for a new switch or upgrading an old one for an enterprise LAN, a data center, outdoors, or industrial operations. Cisco Network Switches are fixed managed Gigabit Ethernet enterprise-class Layer 2 switches designed for small businesses and branch offices. These are simple, flexible and secure switches ideal for out-of-the-wiring-closet and critical Internet of Things (IoT) deployments. Cisco Network Switches operate on Cisco IOS Software and support simple device management and network management via a Command-Line Interface (CLI) as well as an on-box web UI. These switches deliver enhanced network security, network reliability, and operational efficiency for small organizations.

Provide top-notch experiences. Be a magnet for talent and innovation. Sharpen your edge over the competition. Let our switches—new and existing help you do it all.

  • Choose what works for you: Get work done faster, smarter, and more securely with the switch that's right for you.
  • Evolve your network with intent: Bridge the gap between what your business needs and what your network delivers.
  • Protect with insight: Stay ahead of threats even as they evolve, with built-in security features and proactive operations.
  • Be ready for what's next: Get set for whatever the future brings, with flexible solutions from ASIC to OS. And enjoy model-driven programmability across the full stack.