Decoding Wireless Router Prices in Bangladesh

As we step deeper into the digital age, the demand for high-quality, reliable internet connectivity has soared in Bangladesh. Wireless routers, key facilitators of this need, have become household staples. This article aims to guide you through the intricacies of wireless router prices in Bangladesh, aiding you to make informed buying decisions.

How Much Does a Wireless Router Cost in Bangladesh?

Average Cost

Wireless router prices can significantly vary, based on multiple factors. On average, you can find decent quality routers within a range of BDT 1,500 to BDT 5,000.

High-end vs Low-end Router Prices

The price range broadens when you compare high-end routers to low-end ones. Low-end routers, adequate for basic internet needs, can cost as little as BDT 1,000. However, high-end routers, with advanced features like multiple bands, high data transfer speeds, and increased range, can go up to BDT 20,000 or more. It's crucial to select based on your specific requirements to ensure you're investing in a router that brings value to your needs.

Factors Affecting Wireless Router Prices

The cost of a wireless router isn't arbitrary. Various factors contribute to the final pricing, including but not limited to:

Brand Recognition

Brand reputation plays a crucial role. Renowned brands often have higher price tags due to the perceived assurance of quality and reliability.

Specifications and Features

The cost can also be dictated by the router's specifications such as bandwidth, range, the number of bands, Ethernet ports, and WiFi standards (e.g., WiFi 5, WiFi 6).


Higher throughput (speed), broader coverage, and consistent signal strength often justify a heftier price.

Design and Aesthetics

Modern routers not only aim to perform well but also to fit into the aesthetics of your home or office. Routers with sleek designs and compact sizes may command a higher price.

Popular Brands in Bangladesh

When it comes to purchasing a router, brand reliability is paramount. Here are some popular wireless router brands in Bangladesh:


TP-Link is a trusted name in the wireless router market, known for delivering reliable products at competitive prices.


D-Link offers a wide range of routers, from basic single-band models to advanced tri-band routers, catering to various customer needs.


Netgear is renowned for its high-performance routers preferred by users requiring high-speed internet connectivity.


Asus routers are well-liked for their high-speed performance and robust build quality.

Types of Wireless Routers

Wireless routers come in various types, primarily differentiated based on the frequencies they operate on:

Single Band Routers

These routers operate on the 2.4GHz band and are generally less expensive. They're suitable for basic tasks like browsing and emailing.

Dual-Band Routers

Dual-band routers operate on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, reducing interference and offering faster speeds. They are ideal for tasks that require high bandwidth, like gaming and streaming.

Tri-Band Routers

Tri-band routers offer three separate bands (one 2.4GHz and two 5GHz), allowing more devices to connect without affecting performance. These are perfect for households with multiple high-demand devices.

By understanding these types, you can make an informed decision about the wireless router that best suits your needs and budget.

How to Choose the Right Wireless Router

Choosing the right wireless router can be a daunting task given the myriad options available. Here's a structured approach to guide you through the process:

Understand Your Internet Usage

Determine the type of online activities you regularly engage in. For basic browsing and emailing, a single-band router would suffice. For bandwidth-heavy activities like gaming, streaming, or working from home, consider dual-band or tri-band routers.

Consider the Number of Devices

The number of devices that will be connected simultaneously is an essential factor. More devices mean more bandwidth usage, so opt for a router that can handle this demand.

Check the Router's Standards

Routers come with different standards, such as WiFi 5 (802.11ac) or WiFi 6 (802.11ax). The latter is the newest standard, providing faster speeds and improved handling of multiple devices.

Think About Future-Proofing

Technology evolves rapidly, and so does your usage. It might be worth investing a little more now to ensure your router can meet future demands.

Why Buy a Wireless Router?

The advantages of owning a wireless router extend beyond merely connecting to the internet. Let's explore why investing in a wireless router is beneficial:

Seamless Connectivity

Wireless routers provide continuous internet connectivity to multiple devices simultaneously without the need for cables.

Mobility and Flexibility

Wireless connectivity allows you to move freely within the router's range, offering a level of flexibility that wired connections can't match.

Cost Savings

Instead of paying separate internet bills for different devices, a wireless router allows multiple device connections to a single broadband connection, potentially saving costs.

Enhanced Features

Modern routers come with features like parental controls, guest networks, security enhancements, and device prioritization that could be beneficial to many users.

Where to Buy

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Price Comparisons

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10 Best Wireless Routers to Buy in Bangladesh


Best Wireless Routers Models Lists

Price BDT


Mercusys MW301R 300 Mbps 2 Antenna WiFi Router



Mercusys MW305R 300Mbps Wireless N Router



Mercusys MW325R 300Mbps Enhanced Wireless N Router



TP-Link TL-WR841N 300Mbps Wireless Router



D-Link N300 R04 300Mbps 3 Antenna Smart Router



TP-Link Archer C60 AC1350 Wireless Dual Band Wi-Fi Router



Netgear R6120 AC1200 Dual Band Wireless Router



Asus RT-AX53U AX1800 Mbps Dual Band 4 Antenna Wi-Fi Router



TP-Link Deco M4 AC1200 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System (2-Pack)



TP-Link Deco M4 AC1200 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System (3-Pack)                                            


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Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should I consider when purchasing a wireless router?

When buying a wireless router, consider factors like your internet usage habits, the number of devices to connect, the router's standards, and future-proofing. Also, take into account your budget and the router's brand and model.

What are the different types of wireless routers?

Wireless routers primarily come in three types: single-band, dual-band, and tri-band. Single-band routers operate on the 2.4GHz band, dual-band routers on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, and tri-band routers offer one 2.4GHz and two 5GHz bands.

Are expensive routers worth the investment?

More expensive routers often offer advanced features like multiple bands, high data transfer speeds, increased range, and better handling of multiple devices. If your internet usage is heavy, involving activities like gaming, streaming, or multiple device connections, a high-end router could be worth the investment.

Why should I buy my router from ensures the authenticity of products, provides excellent after-sales service, and offers a wide range of choices. Besides, their pricing is competitive, often matching or beating market prices.

How do I know if I need a new router?

If your current router isn't providing enough coverage, struggles to handle the number of connected devices, lags in speed, or frequently needs to be reset, it might be time for an upgrade. Newer models with advanced features can provide a better internet experience