TP-Link product lineup consists of cable modems, wireless routers,routers, wireless adapters, Looking for a TP-Link router price in BD? Buy 2, 3, 4 antenna TP-link wifi routers at the best price in Bangladesh and enjoy uninterrupted internet. Wi-Fi 6 Routers, Wi-Fi Routers, High Power Routers, Deco Whole-Home Wi-Fi. TP-Link is a Chinese brand that is located in Shenzhen China. The company was founded by Zhao JianJun and Zhao Jiaxing. The full form of TP-Link is “Twisted Pair Link.” Twisted Pair Link is a type of cable that reduces electromagnetic interface. A TP-Link Router product is a wired or wireless network expansion device. These routers are able to work from 100 meters up to almost 30 kilometers away. The huge range capability is obtained through their breakthrough technology. TP-Link is the most popular and most used networking brand in Bangladesh.