ASTHA AIO Desktop Computer Price in Bangladesh


ASTHA AIO-24 Series All in one Desktop Computer has  Intel® Core i3 / i5 / i7 Dual Core Processor, Intel M65 Chipset 17*17CM Motherboard, 23.8inch 1920*1080P Full HD, 24-inch Curved Panel LED Display delivers stylish aesthetics and amazing performance, making it perfect for those who appreciate fine design. Its HD display offers exceptional color reproduction to bring your creative visions to life, while the ergonomically designed stand provides a full range of motion that allows you to find the ideal viewing position.

ASTHA AIO 24 Sereis is a thing of beauty display is thinner than ever, too, thanks to an intelligent design that houses all system components in its base. The system-in-base design allows for easy upgrades, and even features a built-in wireless charger for mobile devices an ergonomically designed stand with tilt, swivel, and height adjustments for the perfect viewing position, every time.

ASTHA AIO 24 Sereis delivers desktop-like performance and can handle the graphics-intensive tasks. Powered by a high-performance processor paired with gaming-grade graphics, ASTHA AIO 24 Sereis makes light work of photo and video editing, and even 3D graphics rendering. In addition, a dual-storage design provides superfast data read and write speeds to ensure editing programs run smoothly, and large storage space to store photos and videos. The 24-inch HD display on ASTHA AIO 24 Sereis delivers jaw-dropping visuals with pin-sharp detail, and bright, vivid colors for more lifelike images. It's gorgeous for everyday use, making it a dream for graphics professionals. In addition, built-in  calibration technology makes display recalibration easy.One Year standard warranty in Bangladesh.