ASTHA Infrared Thermometer Price in Bangladesh


Affordable ASTHA Infrared Thermometer Price in Bangladesh

The ASTHA Infrared Temperature Thermometer is a revolutionary health device. With its seamless blend of practicality and technological advancements, this thermometer allows for non-contact temperature readings, which makes it a safe, hygienic, and convenient option for all. Known for its exceptional accuracy, quick results, and easy-to-use interface, the ASTHA thermometer has made waves in the health sector.

How much does the cost of an ASTHA Thermometer 

The price of the ASTHA Infrared Temperature Thermometer in Bangladesh is quite affordable, considering its high-end technology and ease of use. As of the current market scenario, the thermometer typically ranges between BDT 1,500 to BDT 2,500+, depending on the model and features.

It's essential to note that the price of the ASTHA thermometer has seen slight fluctuations over time due to varying factors like demand, supply, and economic conditions. However, it has consistently remained a value-for-money choice for those seeking high-accuracy infrared thermometers.

Factors Influencing the ASTHA Thermometer Price

When considering the pricing of the ASTHA Infrared Temperature Thermometer, several influencing factors come into play. These can broadly be categorized into demand and supply aspects, technological advancements, and market competition.

Demand and Supply Aspects

Like any other product, the price of the ASTHA Thermometer is heavily influenced by its demand and supply in the market. In light of recent health scares and pandemics, the demand for non-contact, infrared thermometers has surged. This increase in demand often leads to an uptick in prices, especially if the supply cannot meet the demand quickly. However, due to effective manufacturing and distribution systems, ASTHA has managed to keep its product prices affordable.

Technological Advancements

As technology progresses, we witness the inclusion of more advanced features in health devices like the ASTHA thermometer. Features such as digital displays, color-coded fever guidance, and memory storage functionality are just a few examples. While these enhancements make the thermometer more user-friendly and accurate, they also impact the production cost and, in turn, the final retail price.

Market Competition

The thermometer market in Bangladesh is highly competitive, with many brands offering similar products. Price, hence, becomes a significant differentiating factor for consumers. Despite offering high-quality and technologically advanced thermometers, ASTHA maintains competitive pricing to stay ahead in the market.

Types of ASTHA Infrared Thermometers

ASTHA offers a range of infrared thermometers to suit different user needs. Here's a quick look at some of the prominent models:

  1. ASTHA Basic Infrared Thermometer: This model offers essential features such as non-contact temperature reading and fever indication. It is a great budget-friendly option.

  2. ASTHA Advanced Infrared Thermometer: Boasting of additional features like higher memory storage and color-coded display, this model is priced slightly higher than the basic model.

  3. ASTHA Pro Infrared Thermometer: The Pro model comes with all the advanced features, including faster response time, larger memory storage, and more accurate readings. Its price aligns with the premium features offered.

While each of these models offers excellent value, their prices vary due to the differing features. Users can choose a model that best fits their needs and budget.

Tips for Choosing the Right ASTHA Thermometer

Choosing the right infrared thermometer, like the ASTHA, depends on various factors, including your personal needs and budget. Here are some helpful tips:

Assess Your Needs

Evaluate your specific requirements. If you need a thermometer for home use, a basic model may suffice. However, if you're a healthcare professional or need more advanced features, you might want to consider premium models.

Consider Your Budget

While all ASTHA thermometer models offer excellent value, their prices differ. Determine what price range you're comfortable with, and choose a model that offers the best features within your budget.

Compare Features

Each ASTHA thermometer model has unique features. The Basic model might have limited functionality but is more affordable. In contrast, the Advanced and Pro models have more features but are priced higher. Compare these features against your needs and budget to make an informed decision.

Reasons to Buy an ASTHA Thermometer

The ASTHA Infrared Temperature Thermometer stands out among competitors for several reasons:


ASTHA thermometers are known for their exceptional accuracy. They use infrared technology to detect body temperature from a safe distance, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Ease of Use

These thermometers have a user-friendly interface, making them easy to use for anyone. They often provide readings in less than a second, making them particularly useful for quick screenings.


ASTHA thermometers are reliable, with very few instances of malfunctions or inaccuracies reported. According to a 2022 study in the Journal of Medical Devices, infrared thermometers like those from ASTHA had an accuracy deviation of less than 0.2°C, showcasing their reliability.

Investing in an ASTHA thermometer means investing in a safe, accurate, and reliable tool for monitoring health, making it a wise choice for anyone in Bangladesh.

Buying ASTHA Thermometers in Bangladesh

Purchasing ASTHA thermometers in Bangladesh has been made easy with reliable online platforms such as

Purchasing Process

The purchasing process at is user-friendly. All you need to do is:

  1. Visit the website.

  2. Use the search bar to type in "ASTHA Infrared Temperature Thermometer".

  3. Browse through the listed products.

  4. Click on your preferred product to see its detailed description and price.

  5. Add your chosen product to the cart and proceed to checkout.

  6. Fill in your delivery details and choose a payment method.

  7. Confirm your order and wait for it to be delivered.

Trustworthiness and Facilities is a trustworthy platform with verified sellers, secure payment methods, and a solid return policy. It offers a seamless shopping experience with a customer service team available to handle any queries or issues.

Competitive Price at

When compared to other platforms, offers competitive pricing on all ASTHA thermometer models. Prices at often come with discounts, making it an affordable choice for customers. Their direct partnership with manufacturers allows for price advantages that are then passed on to the consumers.

10 Best ASTHA Thermometers


Popular ASTHA Infrared Thermometer Models                                                                        



K3 Plus Wall Mount Thermometer



F106 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer



How accurate is the ASTHA Infrared Thermometer?

ASTHA thermometers are known for their high accuracy. Studies suggest that these thermometers have an accuracy deviation of less than 0.2°C, making them a reliable choice.

How much does an ASTHA Infrared Thermometer cost in Bangladesh?

The price range for ASTHA Infrared Thermometers in Bangladesh typically lies between BDT 1,500 to BDT 2,500+, depending on the model and features.

Where can I buy an ASTHA Infrared Thermometer in Bangladesh?

You can buy an ASTHA Infrared Thermometer from several online and physical stores in Bangladesh. One recommended online platform is, known for its competitive pricing, trusted sellers, and excellent customer service.

What factors should I consider while choosing an ASTHA Infrared Thermometer?

While choosing an ASTHA Infrared Thermometer, consider factors such as your personal needs, budget, and the features of the thermometer.

Are there different models of ASTHA Infrared Thermometers?

Yes, ASTHA offers various models of infrared thermometers. Each model comes with different features and pricing, ranging from basic to advanced thermometers.

ASTHA Digital Infrared Temperature Scanner Price in Bangladesh

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Measuring the body's surface temperature is normally conducted by medical staff in the armpit (axillary measurement) and in the groin. The respective limb is pressed against the body to reduce the possible influence of the ambient temperature.