Epson EcoTank L1800 A3+ 6 Color InkJet Photo Printer

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EcoTank L1800
  • Print Method: Inkjet
  • Yield: up to 1,500 4R Photos
  • Borderless Printing: A4 and A3+
  • Print Resolution: 5,760 x 1,440 dpi
  • Print Speed: Up to 15ppm (Black/Colour)

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Brand Epson
Model EcoTank L1800
Printer Type Single Function 6 Color Ink Tank Printer
Print Method On-demand inkjet (Piezoelectric)
Maximum Print Resolution 5760 x 1440 dpi (with Variable-Sized Droplet Technology)
Print Direction Bi-directional printing, Uni-directional printing
Print Speed Draft, A4 (Black / Colour): Up to 15ppm / 15ppm; Photo Default: 10x15cm/4x6" - Approx. 45 sec per photo (Borderless)
Standard Paper Input Capacity Up to 100 sheets, A4 Plain paper (75g/m2) Up to 30 sheets, Premium Glossy Photo Paper
Paper Sizes A3+, A3, B4, A4, A5, A6, B5, 10x15cm (4x6"), 13x18cm (5x7"), 16:9 wide size, Letter (8.5x11"), Legal (8.5x14"), Half Letter (5.5x8.5"), 9x13cm (3.5x5"), 13x20cm(5x8"), 20x25cm(8x10"), Envelopes: #10(4.125x9.5")
Paper Feed Method Friction Feed
Output Capacity Up to 50 sheets, A4 Plain paper Up to 20 sheets, Premium Glossy Photo Paper
Connectivity USB 2.0
Supported OS Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
Consumables Standard Capacity Black (Photo Print): 8,700 pages - T6731 Standard Capacity Cyan (Photo Print): 1,500 4R photos (Composite Yield) - T6732 Standard Capacity Magenta (Photo Print): 1,500 4R photos (Composite Yield) - T6733 Standard Capacity Yellow (Photo P
Dimensions 705 x 215 x 322mm
Weight 12.50Kg


Epson EcoTank L1800 A3+ 6 Color InkJet Photo Printer Price in Bangladesh

In the dynamic landscape of Bangladesh's digital printing market, the demand for efficient, high-quality printers has seen a significant surge. Amidst this growing need, the Epson EcoTank L1800 emerges as a beacon of innovation and reliability. This printer is not just another addition to the market; it represents a leap forward in printing technology, catering to both the rigorous demands of professional environments and the nuanced needs of personal use.

With its advanced features and cost-effective printing solutions, the Epson EcoTank L1800 is poised to redefine the standards of printing in Bangladesh. This article delves into the myriad facets of this remarkable printer, exploring how it stands out in a competitive digital world and why it could be the ideal choice for your printing needs. Whether you're a business owner, a professional photographer, or simply someone who appreciates high-quality prints, the EcoTank L1800 is a model that deserves your attention.

As of the latest update, the Epson EcoTank L1800 A3+ 6 Color InkJet Photo Printer is priced competitively in the Bangladeshi market. While prices may vary slightly based on the retailer and location, the average cost typically ranges between BDT 60,000 to BDT 70,000. This price reflects the L1800's advanced features such as its high-resolution printing (5760 x 1440 dpi), efficient 6-color ink tank system, and versatile paper handling capabilities. It's important to note that prices can fluctuate due to factors like stock availability, ongoing promotions, or regional differences. For the most accurate and current pricing, it's recommended to check with authorized Epson dealers or major electronics retailers in Bangladesh.

Key Features of the Epson EcoTank L1800

Printer Type and Print Method

Single Function 6 Color Ink Tank Printer: The L1800 is designed for those who prioritize quality and efficiency. As a single-function printer, it focuses solely on printing, ensuring that each print is of the highest quality. The 6-color ink tank system is particularly beneficial for photographers and graphic designers who require a wide color gamut for their prints.

On-demand inkjet (Piezoelectric): This technology is at the heart of the L1800, offering precision and reliability. The Piezoelectric method ensures that every ink droplet is placed with exact accuracy, which is crucial for high-resolution prints.

Maximum Print Resolution

5760 x 1440 dpi with Variable-Sized Droplet Technology: The high resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi means that the prints are incredibly detailed, making this printer ideal for high-quality photographs and detailed graphics. The Variable-Sized Droplet Technology further enhances the print quality by adjusting the size of the ink droplets based on the image, ensuring crisp and clear prints every time.

Print Speed and Quality

Draft, A4 (Black / Colour): Up to 15ppm / 15ppm; Photo Default: Speed is a crucial factor, especially in a professional setting. The L1800 delivers up to 15 pages per minute for both black and color prints, striking a balance between speed and quality. For photo printing, it can produce a 10x15cm borderless photo in approximately 45 seconds, which is impressive for high-resolution prints.

Paper Handling Capabilities

Versatile Paper Handling: The L1800 can handle a variety of paper sizes, from A3+ to envelopes, making it versatile for different printing needs. The input capacity of up to 100 sheets of plain paper and 30 sheets of Premium Glossy Photo Paper means less time spent refilling the printer.

Friction Feed Method: This method ensures smooth and reliable paper feeding, which is essential for uninterrupted printing and reducing paper jams.

User Experience and Connectivity of Epson EcoTank L1800

The Epson EcoTank L1800 is not only about impressive technical specifications; it's also designed with the user experience and connectivity in mind. This section highlights how these aspects contribute to the overall functionality and convenience of the printer.

Ease of Use:

User-Friendly Printing Options: The L1800 offers both bi-directional and uni-directional printing modes. Bi-directional printing speeds up the printing process by printing in both directions, while uni-directional printing focuses on delivering even higher quality prints, especially useful for intricate images and detailed graphics.

Intuitive Design: The printer is designed for ease of use, with straightforward controls and a simple setup process. This user-friendly design ensures that even those new to high-end printers can get started quickly and efficiently.


USB 2.0 Connectivity: The inclusion of USB 2.0 connectivity allows for a reliable and fast connection between the printer and various devices, such as desktops and laptops. This ensures smooth data transmission and hassle-free printing experiences.

Supported Operating Systems: Compatibility is key in today's diverse tech environment. The L1800 supports a wide range of operating systems, including Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later. This broad compatibility ensures that the printer can seamlessly integrate into various workflows and systems.

Streamlining Workflows

Efficient Printing for All Users: Whether it's for a home office, a small business, or a professional studio, the L1800 is built to fit into any environment. Its ease of use and connectivity options make it a versatile choice for different users with varying levels of technical expertise.

Reliability in Connectivity: The robust USB connection ensures that users can rely on the printer to perform consistently, especially when meeting tight deadlines or handling large printing tasks.

Physical Attributes of Epson EcoTank L1800

The physical design and dimensions of a printer are crucial factors, especially when integrating new equipment into an existing workspace. The Epson EcoTank L1800 is designed with a keen understanding of these practical considerations.

Compact and Efficient Design

Dimensions: Measuring 705 x 215 x 322mm, the L1800 is compact enough to fit comfortably in most office spaces or home studios. Its sleek design ensures that it doesn't occupy excessive space, making it an ideal choice for environments where space is at a premium.

Aesthetic and Functional: The printer's design is not just about size; it also features a modern, professional look that blends well with various office decors. The functional design emphasizes accessibility, with easy-to-reach controls and a straightforward interface.

Weight Considerations

Weight: At 12.50, the L1800 is relatively lightweight for a printer of its capability. This makes it manageable to move or reposition when needed, offering flexibility in office or studio layouts.

Stability and Durability: Despite its lighter weight, the printer is built sturdily, ensuring stability during operation and longevity in usage. This balance between weight and build quality is a testament to Epson's commitment to creating practical, user-friendly products.

FAQs about the Epson EcoTank L1800

What types of media can the Epson EcoTank L1800 print on?

The L1800 is versatile in its media handling and capable of printing on a variety of paper types including glossy, matte, and standard office paper. It supports a range of sizes from small photo papers to larger A3+ formats, making it suitable for diverse printing needs.

How cost-effective is the ink usage in the L1800?

The EcoTank L1800 is designed for high ink efficiency. Its refillable ink tank system significantly reduces the cost per print compared to traditional cartridge-based printers. This makes it an economical choice for users with high-volume printing needs.

Is the Epson EcoTank L1800 suitable for professional photo printing?

Absolutely. With its high resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi and 6-color ink system, the L1800 produces exceptionally detailed and color-accurate prints, making it ideal for professional photographers and graphic designers.

How does the L1800 fare in terms of printing speed?

The L1800 offers a balance between speed and quality. It can print up to 15 pages per minute in both black and color, and it takes approximately 45 seconds to print a high-quality, borderless photo. This makes it efficient for both regular document printing and high-quality photo printing.

Can the L1800 connect to a network or print wirelessly?

The L1800 primarily offers USB 2.0 connectivity and does not natively support wireless printing or network connectivity. However, users can integrate it into a network using external print server devices or connect it to wireless print servers for remote printing capabilities.

What is the maintenance like for the Epson EcoTank L1800?

The L1800 is designed for easy maintenance. Regular tasks include refilling the ink tanks and occasional nozzle checks and cleaning cycles to ensure optimal print quality. The printer's design allows for easy access to these maintenance functions.

Is the printer compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems?

Yes, the L1800 is compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later, making it a flexible option for various users.

What is the warranty period for the Epson EcoTank L1800?

The warranty period for the L1800 may vary depending on the region and the retailer. It's advisable to check with the local supplier or the Epson website for specific warranty information related to your location.

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In the realm of high-quality printing, the Epson EcoTank L1800 stands out as a remarkable blend of efficiency, quality, and versatility. This conclusion aims to encapsulate the key aspects that make the L1800 a worthy investment for various printing needs.

High-Quality Printing: With its advanced inkjet technology and high resolution, the L1800 delivers exceptional print quality, making it ideal for both professional and personal use.

Cost-Effectiveness: The EcoTank system offers significant savings on ink, and the printer's energy efficiency further reduces operational costs.

User-Friendly Design: Its ease of use, combined with robust connectivity options, ensures that the L1800 is accessible to all users, regardless of their technical expertise.

Versatility: Whether it's for printing stunning photographs, detailed graphics, or regular office documents, the L1800 is adept at handling a wide range of printing tasks.

Adaptability: The printer's compact size and compatibility with various operating systems make it a suitable choice for different environments, from small home offices to larger business settings.

A Competitive Choice: In the bustling market of printers, the Epson EcoTank L1800 distinguishes itself through its balance of quality, efficiency, and user-centric design.

Meeting the Demands of Modern Printing: As the world moves towards more sophisticated printing needs, the L1800 stands ready to meet these challenges, offering professional-grade capabilities in an accessible format.

What is the price of Epson EcoTank L1800 A3+ 6 Color InkJet Photo Printer in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Epson EcoTank L1800 A3+ 6 Color InkJet Photo Printer in Bangladesh is ৳65,500.00 . You can buy the Epson EcoTank L1800 A3+ 6 Color InkJet Photo Printer at best price from BME ONLINE SHOP, Bangladesh.

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