Epson L6160 All-In-One Duplex Color Wi-Fi Printer

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  • Function:Duplex Print, Scan, Copy
  • Print Speed: Up to 15 ppm / 08 ppm
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0 and Wifi

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General Information
Brand Epson
Model Epson L6160
Type Ink tank
Additional Information
Monthly print volume 15,000 pages
Consumable type Ink tank
Cost per print (CPP) 3 paise
Print speed Up to 15 ppm (black), 8.0 ppm (colour)
Resolution Up to 4800 x 1200 dpi
Paper handling 150-sheet paper tray, 30-sheet automatic document feeder
Networking Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct
Features Auto duplex printing, scan to USB, scan to cloud
Warranty Information
Warranty 1 year or 50,000 pages, whichever comes first


Epson L6160 All-In-One Duplex Color Wi-Fi Printer Price in Bangladesh

The Epson L6160 All-In-One Duplex Color Wi-Fi Printer is a versatile and efficient choice for both medium business and office use in Bangladesh. In today's fast-paced environment, having a reliable printer is not just a convenience, it's a necessity. Whether you're a professional printing important documents, a student preparing projects, or someone who enjoys printing photos and crafts at home, the Epson L6160 is designed to meet a wide range of printing needs. This guide will walk you through its multifaceted features, from its advanced PrecisionCore Printhead technology to its impressive connectivity options, ensuring you make an informed decision. With its blend of speed, quality, and efficiency, the Epson L6160 stands out as a top contender in the competitive world of multifunction printers. Let's explore what makes this printer a smart investment for your printing tasks in Bangladesh.

The Epson L6160 All-In-One Duplex Color Wi-Fi Printer, known for its efficiency and advanced features, is priced competitively in the Bangladesh market. As of the latest update, the price of the Epson L6160 ranges from approximately between ৳23,000 to ৳27,000 in Bangladesh. This price can vary based on the retailer, current market factors, and any ongoing promotions or discounts. The L6160 offers excellent value for its price, considering its high-yield ink system, superior print quality, and versatile functionality. Potential buyers should check with authorized dealers or reputable online marketplaces for the most current pricing and availability in Bangladesh.

Key Features and Benefits of Epson L6160

The Epson L6160 All-In-One Duplex Color Wi-Fi Printer is packed with features that cater to a variety of printing needs. Here's a detailed look at its key features and the benefits they bring to users:

Print Features

PrecisionCore Printhead Technology: At the heart of the Epson L6160 is the advanced PrecisionCore Printhead, ensuring superior print quality and reliability. This technology offers precise dot placement and high-resolution prints, making it ideal for both text and graphic printing.

High Print Speeds and Resolutions: With a print speed of up to 33ppm in draft mode for black and 20ppm for color, the L6160 ensures efficiency in your printing tasks. The high resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi guarantees crisp and clear prints, whether you're printing documents, graphics, or photos.

Automatic Duplex Printing: The automatic duplex (double-sided) printing feature not only saves time but also reduces paper usage by up to 50%, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for your printing needs.

Copy Features

Efficient Copy Speeds and Resolution: The L6160 offers a copy speed of 11 ipm for black and 5.5 ipm for color, coupled with a resolution of 600 x 1200 dpi. This ensures quick and clear copies, perfect for office documents and creative projects.

Scan Features

Detailed Scan Capabilities: With a scan resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi, the L6160 captures every detail of your documents and photos. The scanner is capable of handling various document sizes, ensuring versatility in scanning tasks.

Manual Duplex Scanning: While duplex scanning is manual, it allows for flexibility in scanning double-sided documents, ensuring thorough and efficient digitization of your important papers.

Paper Handling

Versatile Paper Support: The L6160 supports a wide range of paper sizes including Legal, Letter, A4, B5, A5, A6, B6, and various envelope sizes. This versatility is ideal for businesses and individuals who require different paper formats for their printing needs.

Capacity: With an input capacity of 150 sheets and an output capacity of 30 sheets, the printer is well-equipped to handle moderate to high-volume printing tasks without the need for constant paper refilling.

Benefits for Users

Quality and Speed: The combination of high-resolution printing and fast print speeds means users don't have to compromise on quality for speed, or vice versa.

Cost and Environmentally Efficient: Automatic duplex printing and efficient ink usage contribute to lower operating costs and a reduced environmental footprint.

Versatility: Whether it's printing detailed reports, vibrant presentations, or scanning and copying various documents, the Epson L6160 is a versatile all-in-one solution for most printing needs.

Epson L6160 Technical Specifications

The Epson L6160 All-In-One Duplex Color Wi-Fi Printer is engineered with a range of technical specifications that enhance its performance and user experience. Below is a detailed overview of these specifications:


2.4-inch Colour LCD Display: The printer features a user-friendly 2.4-inch color LCD display, making it easy to navigate through various functions and settings. This interactive display enhances the overall user experience, allowing for straightforward operation and monitoring of printer status.


USB, LAN, WiFi: The L6160 offers versatile connectivity options. It includes USB for direct connection to a computer, LAN for wired network printing, and WiFi for wireless printing from multiple devices. This range of connectivity options ensures the printer can easily integrate into any business or office setup.

Mobile Printing Compatibility: Supports mobile printing solutions like Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and Mopria Print Service, allowing users to print directly from their smartphones and tablets for added convenience.

Power Consumption

220 - 240V, 50 - 60Hz, 12W: The printer operates on a power supply of 220 - 240V at 50 - 60Hz, with a typical power consumption of 12W. This efficient power usage makes it an energy-conscious choice, reducing electricity costs and benefiting the environment.

Supported Operating Systems

Wide Range Compatibility: The L6160 is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Vista, XP, Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, and Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later. This ensures the printer can be used with most computers and laptops, providing flexibility for different users.

Additional Technical Features

PrecisionCore Printhead: Employs advanced PrecisionCore Printhead technology for high-quality, reliable printing.

Automatic Duplex Printing: Offers the convenience of automatic two-sided printing, saving time and paper.

High Print Resolution: Delivers a high print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi for crisp and clear prints.

Benefits for Users

Ease of Use: The intuitive LCD display and versatile connectivity options make the printer easy to use and accessible for all users.

Energy Efficiency: With its low power consumption, the L6160 is an energy-efficient choice, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

Compatibility: The broad compatibility with various operating systems ensures the printer can seamlessly integrate into any existing technology environment.

Epson L6160 Physical Specifications

The Epson L6160 All-In-One Duplex Color Wi-Fi Printer not only excels in performance but also boasts a design that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Here are the physical specifications that define its form and build:

Dimensions and Weight

Compact Size: The printer measures 375 x 187 x 347mm, making it compact enough to fit comfortably in most workspaces, whether in a business office or a professional environment.

Lightweight Design: Weighing in at just 5.8 kg, the L6160 is relatively lightweight for a multifunction printer. This makes it easier to move or reposition when rearranging your workspace.

Color and Aesthetic

Sleek Black Finish: The printer comes in a classic black color, giving it a sleek and professional look that blends seamlessly with most office decor and business furnishings.

Modern Design: The L6160 features a contemporary design with clean lines and minimal buttons, contributing to a modern and uncluttered appearance.

Build Quality

Robust Construction: Despite its lightweight design, the L6160 is built to be sturdy and durable, capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use.

Quality Materials: Constructed with high-quality materials, the printer is designed to maintain its appearance and functionality over time, ensuring longevity and reliability.

User Accessibility

Front-Loading Paper Tray: The front-loading paper tray is easily accessible, simplifying the process of loading and unloading paper.

Convenient Control Panel: The control panel, with its 2.4-inch color LCD display, is intuitively designed for ease of use, allowing users to quickly access and control the printer's functions.

Environmental Considerations

Energy Efficient: The L6160's energy-efficient design is not only beneficial for reducing electricity costs but also for minimizing its environmental footprint.

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Epson ensures that the packaging of the L6160 is eco-friendly, reflecting a commitment to sustainability.

Benefits for Users

Space-Saving: The compact size of the L6160 makes it an ideal choice for users with limited space.

Ease of Integration: Its sleek design and black color ensure that it can easily integrate into any setting without being obtrusive.

Durability and Longevity: The robust build quality means that users can rely on the printer for consistent performance over time.

Epson L6160 Ink Efficiency and Cartridge Information

The Epson L6160 All-In-One Duplex Color Wi-Fi Printer stands out for its ink efficiency and smart cartridge system, designed to provide high-quality prints while minimizing running costs. Here's an overview of its ink efficiency and cartridge information:

High-Yield Ink Cartridges

Extended Cartridge Life: The L6160 uses Epson's high-yield ink cartridges, which are designed to last longer, reducing the frequency of replacements. This is particularly beneficial for users with high-volume printing needs.

Cartridge Models and Page Yield:

Black Ink Cartridge (C13T03Y100): Offers an impressive page yield of up to 7,500 pages, ideal for heavy black and white printing.

Color Ink Cartridges: Includes Cyan (C13T03Y200), Magenta (C13T03Y300), and Yellow (C13T03Y400), each with a page yield of up to 6,000 pages. This ensures that users can print vibrant color documents and images without frequent cartridge changes.

Benefits for Users

Long-Term Savings: The extended lifespan of the cartridges means users will spend less on replacements over time, offering significant long-term savings.

High-Quality Output: Users can expect consistent, high-quality output, whether printing text documents, graphics, or photographs.

Environmental Responsibility: By reducing cartridge waste and offering high-yield options, the L6160 supports environmentally responsible printing practices.

Epson L6160 Warranty and Support in BME

Warranty Coverage

One-Year Warranty: The Epson L6160 is backed by a one-year warranty, providing coverage against manufacturing defects and ensuring reliability in its performance. This warranty period reflects Epson's confidence in the quality and durability of their product.

Support Services

Customer Support: Epson provides dedicated customer support for the L6160. Users can access assistance through various channels, including phone, email, and online support. This ensures that any queries or issues can be promptly addressed by knowledgeable professionals.

Online Resources: Epson's website offers a wealth of resources for the L6160, including downloadable drivers, software updates, user manuals, and FAQs. These resources are designed to help users get the most out of their printer and troubleshoot common issues.

Benefits for Users

Peace of Mind: The comprehensive warranty and support system provides users with peace of mind, knowing that their investment is protected and assistance is readily available.

Reliable Service: With access to professional customer and technical support, users can expect reliable and timely service, ensuring minimal disruption to their printing needs.

Enhanced Experience: The availability of online resources and regular updates contributes to an enhanced user experience, with the printer maintaining its performance and efficiency over time.

FAQs About the 

Can the Epson L6160 print directly from mobile devices?

Yes, the Epson L6160 supports mobile printing. It is compatible with Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and Mopria Print Service, allowing you to print directly from your smartphones and tablets.

Is the printer suitable for high-volume printing?

Absolutely. The Epson L6160 is designed for high-volume printing, thanks to its high-yield ink cartridges and a monthly duty cycle of up to 50,000 pages. This makes it ideal for environments with frequent and large printing tasks.

Does the L6160 support automatic duplex printing?

Yes, the L6160 features automatic duplex (double-sided) printing, which helps save paper and is convenient for printing documents like reports and brochures.

What is the print resolution of the Epson L6160?

The L6160 offers a high print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi, ensuring crisp and clear print quality for both text and images.

How does the manual duplex scanning work?

While the printer supports automatic duplex printing, duplex scanning is manual. This means you will need to manually refeed the paper to scan the other side of a double-sided document.

What types of paper can the L6160 handle?

The L6160 supports a variety of paper sizes including Legal, Letter, A4, B5, A5, A6, B6, and different types of envelopes. It also works with various paper types like plain paper and premium glossy photo paper.

Is the Epson L6160 energy efficient?

Yes, the L6160 is designed to be energy efficient. It operates on a power supply of 220 - 240V at 50 - 60Hz, with a typical power consumption of 12W, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

What is the warranty period for the Epson L6160?

The Epson L6160 comes with a one-year warranty, providing coverage against manufacturing defects and ensuring reliable performance.

Can I print wirelessly from a computer?

Yes, the L6160 offers Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to print wirelessly from computers, laptops, and other devices connected to the same network.

Where can I find replacement ink cartridges for the L6160?

Replacement ink cartridges for the L6160 are widely available at electronics stores, online retailers, and through Epson's official channels.

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in Conclusion:

In wrapping up our comprehensive overview of the Epson L6160 All-In-One Duplex Color Wi-Fi Printer, it's clear that this printer stands as a robust and versatile solution for a wide array of printing needs. Whether for an office, a small business, or personal use, the L6160 combines high-quality output, efficiency, and user-friendly features in a compact and stylish package.

Advanced Printing Technology: With its PrecisionCore Printhead, high print speeds, and impressive resolution, the L6160 delivers professional-quality prints consistently.

Economic and Eco-Friendly: The high-yield ink cartridges not only offer cost savings but also contribute to an eco-friendly printing practice by reducing waste.

User-Centric Design: From its intuitive LCD display to its diverse connectivity options, the printer is designed with the user's convenience in mind.

Reliable Performance: Backed by a solid warranty and comprehensive support, users can enjoy peace of mind knowing they have a reliable and durable product.

What is the price of Epson L6160 All-In-One Duplex Color Wi-Fi Printer in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Epson L6160 All-In-One Duplex Color Wi-Fi Printer in Bangladesh is ৳23,500.00 . You can buy the Epson L6160 All-In-One Duplex Color Wi-Fi Printer at best price from BME ONLINE SHOP, Bangladesh.

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