Fujifilm Apeos C325z A4 Multifunction Color Laser 4-in-1 Printer

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Apeos C325z
  • Function: Copy, Print, Scan, Fax
  • Print Speed (Color): 31 ppm A4
  • Display: 2.8-inch Colour Touch Panel
  • Connectivity: Ethernet, USB & Wi-Fi supported

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General Features
Brand FujiFilm
Model Apeos C325z
Type Desktop
Memory Capacity 512 MB (Max: 512 MB)
Warm-up Time 35 seconds or less (23 degrees Celsius room temperature)
Recovery Time (Recovery Time from Sleep Mode) 17 seconds or less (23 degrees Celsius room temperature)
Original Size Maximum of A4, Letter, Legal*2 for both Sheet and Book
Colour Capability Full Colour
Weight 20.6 kg
Output Tray Capacity 150 sheets (Face down)
Power Supply AC220-240 V +/- 10 %, 10 A, 50/60 Hz common
Maximum Power Consumption 1120 W Sleep Mode: 0.5 W Low Power Mode: 11 W Ready Mode: 41 W
Dimensions W 410 x D 430 x H 366 mm
Print Features
Printing Resolution 600 x 2400 dpi
Paper Size
Max A4, Letter, Legal
Min A6, 76 x 127 mm
Image loss width Lead edge 4.1 mm, Trail edge 4.1 mm, Right/Left edge 4.1 mm
Paper Weight
Paper Tray 60 to 176 gsm
Bypass Tray 60 to 176 gsm
First Copy Output Time B/W: 9.5 sec. (A4) Colour: 12.0 sec. (A4)
Scan Speed Same as the Scan Speed for the Automatic Document Feeder
Continuous Copy Speed
A4 B/W: 31 ppm Colour: 31 ppm
A5 B/W: 41 ppm Colour: 41 ppm
Paper Tray Capacity
Standard Standard Tray: 250 sheets Bypass Tray: 50 sheets
Optional 250 Sheets Feeder Unit: 250 sheets
Max 550 sheets [Standard + 250 Sheets Feeder Unit
Scan Function
Type Colour Scanner
Scan Resolution
Scan to PC TWAIN: 50 x 50 to 9600 x 9600 dpi WIA : 75 dpi, 100 dpi, 150 dpi, 200 dpi, 300 dpi, 400 dpi, 600 dpi
Scan to Network / e-mail 200 dpi, 300 dpi, 400 dpi*1, 600 dpi*1
Standard Ethernet 1000BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T, USB2.0 Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11 b / g / n)
Fax Function
Original Size Scanner Glass: Max A4, Letter Automatic Document Feeder: Max Legal
Recording Paper Size Max: Legal; Min: A4, Letter
Transmission Time 3 seconds and more but fewer than 4 seconds*1
Transmission Mode Note: WIA st
Applicable Lines Telephone subscriber line, PBX, Maximum 1 port*2 (G3-1 port)
Automatic Document Feeder
Type 1 pass, 2 sided scanning Duplex Automatic Document Feeder
Original Size / Paper Weight Max: Legal; Min: A5*1 60 to 105 gsm (In Duplex: 60 to 105 gsm)
Capacity 50 sheets
Scan Speed
Copy (A4, Simplex) B/W: 30 ppm Colour: 16 ppm
Scan B/W: 30 ppm, Colour: 15 ppm (1 pass, 2 sided scanning; B/W: 45 ppm, Colour: 22 ppm)
Warranty 01 year


Fujifilm Apeos C325z A4 Multifunction Color Laser 4-in-1 Printer Price in Bangladesh

The Fujifilm Apeos C325z is a state-of-the-art A4 Multifunction Color Laser 4-in-1 Printer designed to revolutionize your printing experience. In today's fast-paced work environment, having a reliable and efficient printer is not just a convenience, it's a necessity. The Fujifilm Apeos C325z embodies this necessity, offering a perfect blend of high-quality printing, scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities all in one compact device. Engineered to cater to the demands of both bustling office settings and small businesses, this printer stands out with its exceptional print quality, rapid output speeds, and versatile paper handling. Whether you're preparing crisp, professional documents or vibrant color prints, the Apeos C325z is equipped to deliver top-notch performance with every task. Join us as we explore the dynamic features and unparalleled efficiency of the Fujifilm Apeos C325z, a printer that's not just about meeting your needs but exceeding them.

The Fujifilm Apeos C325z, a highly versatile and efficient A4 Multifunction Color Laser 4-in-1 Printer, is currently available in Bangladesh within the price range of ৳75,500 to ৳80,000. This price bracket makes it an accessible option for businesses seeking a balance of quality, functionality, and affordability. The Apeos C325z stands out for its exceptional printing resolution, diverse connectivity options, and user-friendly interface, all packed into a compact and eco-friendly design. Its competitive pricing, coupled with its advanced features, positions it as a valuable investment for businesses aiming to enhance their printing capabilities without exceeding their budget.

Key Features of Fujifilm Apeos C325z Printer

High-Quality Printing Capabilities

The Fujifilm Apeos C325z is a powerhouse in print quality, boasting a remarkable resolution of 600 x 2400 dpi. This ensures that every printout, whether it's a detailed report or a vibrant image, is sharp, clear, and rich in color. The full-color capability of this printer makes it an ideal choice for businesses that require professional-grade printing.

Speed and Efficiency

Time is of the essence in any business, and the Apeos C325z excels in this area. With a swift first copy output time of 9.5 seconds for black and white and 12 seconds for color, along with a continuous copy speed of 31 pages per minute (ppm) for both B/W and color in A4, this printer is built for efficiency. It ensures that your work proceeds smoothly without any unnecessary delays.

Paper Handling

Versatility in paper handling is a key feature of the Apeos C325z. It accommodates a range of paper sizes from A6 to Legal, and weights from 60 to 176 gsm. The standard paper tray holds 250 sheets, with an optional feeder unit increasing the total capacity to 550 sheets. This flexibility makes it suitable for various printing needs, from standard documents to specialized projects.

Connectivity Options

In today's interconnected world, the Apeos C325z keeps you connected with multiple options. It includes Ethernet 1000BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T, USB2.0, and Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11 b / g / n), ensuring easy integration into any network environment and enabling convenient remote printing.

Display and User Interface

The user interface of the Apeos C325z is designed for ease of use, ensuring that all functions are easily accessible. This user-friendly interface enhances the overall experience, making it simple for users to navigate through various functions and settings.

Physical Specifications

With dimensions of W 410 x D 430 x H 366 mm and a weight of 20.6 kg, the Apeos C325z is compact enough for small office spaces yet robust enough to handle heavy workloads. Its sleek design also ensures it fits seamlessly into any modern office environment.

Ink and Maintenance

The Apeos C325z is designed for low maintenance and efficient ink usage. Its high-capacity cartridges not only reduce the frequency of replacements but also ensure consistent print quality. The printer's energy-efficient design, with a maximum power consumption of 1120 W and a sleep mode of just 0.5 W, contributes to reduced operational costs.

Fujifilm Apeos C325z User Experience and Convenience

Ease of Use

The Fujifilm Apeos C325z is designed with the user in mind, ensuring a hassle-free experience from setup to daily use. Its intuitive interface allows for easy navigation and quick access to all functions. The printer's straightforward installation process means you can get it up and running without any technical headaches, making it a great choice for businesses without dedicated IT support.

Software Integration

Compatibility and integration are key in today's digital workspace. The Apeos C325z seamlessly integrates with a variety of operating systems and software, ensuring a smooth operation within your existing digital ecosystem. This compatibility eliminates the need for extensive adjustments or additional software, allowing for a smoother workflow and increased productivity.

Customization and Flexibility

Understanding that every business has unique needs, the Apeos C325z offers a range of customizable settings. From print quality to paper handling, you can tailor the printer's functions to suit your specific requirements. This flexibility ensures that the printer not only meets but adapts to your evolving business needs.

Security Features

In an era where data security is paramount, the Apeos C325z doesn't disappoint. It comes equipped with advanced security features to protect sensitive information. From secure printing to user authentication, these features ensure that confidential documents remain just that – confidential.

Eco-Friendly Operation

The Apeos C325z is designed with sustainability in mind. Its energy-efficient operation reduces power consumption, while its eco-friendly settings help minimize waste. This commitment to the environment doesn't just reduce your carbon footprint; it also leads to cost savings in terms of energy and supplies.

Fujifilm Apeos C325z Compatibility and Software

Device Compatibility

The Fujifilm Apeos C325z is designed to be universally compatible, effortlessly connecting with a wide range of devices. Whether you're using a PC, Mac, or mobile device, this printer integrates smoothly, ensuring that users can print from virtually any device in their network. This broad compatibility is essential for modern workplaces where diverse devices are used.

Software Features

Equipped with the latest software capabilities, the Apeos C325z enhances your printing experience. It supports various printer languages and protocols, ensuring seamless integration with your existing software applications. The printer's software is regularly updated, providing new features and ensuring compatibility with the latest operating systems and devices.

Network Integration

In a connected world, network integration is crucial. The Apeos C325z excels in this area, offering robust network features for both wired and wireless connections. Its ability to integrate into complex network environments makes it an ideal choice for organizations with advanced networking needs.

Remote Management

For businesses with multiple printers or those looking to streamline their printer management, the Apeos C325z offers excellent remote management capabilities. Administrators can monitor, update, and troubleshoot the printer remotely, ensuring smooth operation and minimizing downtime.

Cloud Connectivity

Embracing the shift towards cloud computing, the Apeos C325z offers cloud connectivity options. This feature allows users to print from and scan to various cloud services, facilitating easy sharing and storage of documents. Cloud connectivity not only enhances flexibility but also supports remote working environments.

Fujifilm Apeos C325z Warranty and Support on bme.com.bd


The Fujifilm Apeos C325z comes with a reassuring 1-year warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of quality. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects and ensures that any such issues are promptly addressed without additional costs. Customers can rely on this warranty to safeguard their investment, knowing that their printer is protected against unforeseen issues.

Customer Support

At bme.com.bd, customer satisfaction is a top priority, and this is reflected in the comprehensive customer support offered. Users of the Fujifilm Apeos C325z can access a dedicated support team for any inquiries or assistance they may need. Whether it's a question about setup, troubleshooting, or general usage, the expert support team is ready to provide timely and effective solutions.

Why Choose the Fujifilm Apeos C325z Printer

Choosing the right multifunction printer can be a critical decision for any business. The Fujifilm Apeos C325z stands out in the market for several compelling reasons:

Superior Print Quality

The Apeos C325z doesn't compromise on print quality. With its high-resolution printing capabilities, it ensures that every document, whether text or graphics, is produced with clarity and precision. This level of quality is essential for businesses that require professional-looking documents.

Versatility and Flexibility

This printer is designed to handle a variety of printing tasks with ease. Its ability to accommodate different paper sizes and types, coupled with its multifunction capabilities (print, scan, copy, fax), makes it a versatile choice for diverse business needs.

User-Friendly Experience

Ease of use is a key feature of the Apeos C325z. Its intuitive interface and straightforward operation minimize the learning curve, allowing users to quickly get the most out of the printer's features. This user-friendly experience is crucial in fast-paced work environments.

Advanced Connectivity

In an era of digital connectivity, the Apeos C325z excels with its range of connection options. Whether it's through Ethernet, USB, or wireless LAN, this printer offers the flexibility to fit into any office network, supporting efficient workflows and remote printing capabilities.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

The Apeos C325z is designed with sustainability in mind. Its energy-efficient features not only reduce the environmental impact but also help in lowering operational costs. This makes it an economically smart choice for businesses conscious of their ecological footprint and budget.

Reliable Performance

Fujifilm's reputation for quality and reliability is evident in the Apeos C325z. Its robust build and reliable performance ensure that it can handle the demands of busy office environments, providing consistent results and minimizing downtime.

FAQs About the Fujifilm Apeos C325z Printer

What types of media can the Fujifilm Apeos C325z handle? 

The Apeos C325z is versatile in its media handling, accommodating a range of paper sizes from A6 to Legal and paperweights from 60 to 176 gsm. This includes standard office paper, envelopes, labels, and more, making it suitable for various printing needs.

Can the Apeos C325z be integrated into a wireless network? 

Yes, the Apeos C325z features wireless connectivity options, including Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n). This allows for easy integration into a wireless network, facilitating remote printing and scanning.

Is the printer compatible with mobile devices for printing? 

Absolutely. The Apeos C325z supports mobile device connectivity, enabling users to print directly from their smartphones and tablets for added convenience.

How does the Apeos C325z contribute to energy efficiency?

The Apeos C325z is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It features a low power mode and a sleep mode that significantly reduce power consumption, making it both eco-friendly and cost-effective in terms of energy usage.

What security features does the Apeos C325z offer?

The printer is equipped with advanced security features to protect sensitive information. This includes secure printing options and user authentication measures to ensure that confidential documents are safeguarded.

What is the maximum print resolution of the Apeos C325z? 

The Apeos C325z offers a high printing resolution of 600 x 2400 dpi, ensuring crisp and clear printouts, which is essential for producing professional-quality documents.

Is there customer support available for the Apeos C325z? 

Yes, customers can access comprehensive support for the Apeos C325z through bme.com.bd. This includes assistance with setup, troubleshooting, and general inquiries to ensure a smooth user experience.

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In conclusion, the Fujifilm Apeos C325z stands as a testament to cutting-edge printing technology, skillfully blending high performance, versatility, and user convenience. Its exceptional print quality, robust functionality, and seamless connectivity make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to enhance their productivity and efficiency. The printer's eco-friendly design and cost-effective operation further solidify its position as a smart investment for environmentally conscious organizations. With the backing of a comprehensive warranty and dedicated customer support from bme.com.bd, the Apeos C325z is not just a purchase but a long-term asset for any business. Whether for a small office or a large corporation, the Fujifilm Apeos C325z is poised to meet and exceed the demands of the modern professional environment, making it a standout choice in the realm of multifunction printers.

What is the price of Fujifilm Apeos C325z A4 Multifunction Color Laser 4-in-1 Printer in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Fujifilm Apeos C325z A4 Multifunction Color Laser 4-in-1 Printer in Bangladesh is ৳75,500.00 . You can buy the Fujifilm Apeos C325z A4 Multifunction Color Laser 4-in-1 Printer at best price from BME ONLINE SHOP, Bangladesh.

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