GMAC 10KVA Standard Backup Online UPS

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  • Phase:Single Phase (1:1)
  • Capacity:10KVA/9000W
  • System Voltage: 192V DC
  • Backup Time: Standard Backup
  • Frequency: 40 ~ 70 Hz (Auto-Sensing)
  • Output Voltage: 220V/230V(±1%),50Hz
  • Voltage Range: 208V/220V/230V/240V AC (-25%/+20%),(1Ph+N+E)

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General Information
Brand GMAC
Additional Information
Capacity 10KVA/9KW
Frequency 120-280VAC 45-65Hz (55Hz-65Hz) Auto Sensing
Power Factor ≥99%
Output voltage 220VAC ±1%
Output frequency 50/60Hz ±0.02% (Battery Mode)
Efficiency >91%
Power factor 0.9
Crest factor >3:1
Distortion THD Non-Linear Load THD <5%: Linear Load THD <3%
Overload 105%-125% 1 min: 125%-150% 30 s; >150% 0.5 s
Dynamic response Full Load ± 3%
Wave form Sine Wave
Battery type Valve Controlled Sealed Lead-Acid Battery
DC battery voltage 192VDC
Number of batteries 12V9Ah 16 Pcs
Charging current 2A/4A 8A (Optional)
Display LCD
LED alarm UPS Status, Battery Low Voltage, AC Fault, UPS Overload, UPS Fault
Operating temperature 0°C-40°C
Operating humidity <90%
Noise level <50dB (within 1 meter)
Net weight 20Kg/67.5Kg
Dimensions (WxDxH) 248×500×565mm


Buy GMAC 10KVA Commercial Standard Backup Online UPS Price in Bangladesh.

The GMAC 10KVA Standard Backup Online UPS, is a robust power backup solution designed to meet the demands of critical applications. This powerful UPS offers a 10KVA/9KW capacity, ensuring a reliable source of electricity when you need it most. With a wide input voltage range of 120-280VAC and an input frequency range of 45-65Hz (55Hz-65Hz) with auto-sensing, this UPS can adapt to a variety of electrical environments. The GMAC 10KVA is engineered for high efficiency, boasting an input power factor of over 99%. It delivers a stable and precise output voltage of 220VAC ±1% and can seamlessly switch between 50/60Hz ±0.02% in Battery Mode. With an output power factor of 0.9, this UPS can efficiently support your critical equipment and systems. You can trust the GMAC 10KVA to handle power fluctuations with ease, as it features a crest factor of greater than 3:1 and minimal distortion. The total harmonic distortion (THD) remains low, ensuring the quality of power supplied. Non-linear loads experience less than 5% THD, while linear loads benefit from less than 3% THD. In the event of an overload, this UPS is designed to offer protection. It can handle an overload of 105% to 125% for 1 minute, 125% to 150% for 30 seconds, and even greater than 150% for 0.5 seconds. Its dynamic response remains within ±3% at full load, and it produces a clean sine wave output. The GMAC 10KVA relies on a robust battery system to keep your systems running smoothly. It utilizes a 192VDC battery composed of 12V9Ah 16 pieces. The charging current can be set at 2A, 4A, or 8A, depending on your preference. With an AC fault transfer time and UPS fault transfer time of less than 0ms, your devices will experience minimal interruption during power transitions. Safety is a top priority with the GMAC 10KVA. It features short circuit protection that shuts off the inverter and transfers the load to the bypass output automatically. Additionally, over-temperature protection ensures the UPS operates within safe temperature limits. Keeping you informed, the UPS is equipped with an LCD display and LED alarms that provide real-time status updates. It communicates through an RS232 interface (with SNMP as an optional feature) to keep you in the loop about your power conditions. Operating in a temperature range of 0°C to 40°C and with humidity levels under 90%, this UPS is built to perform reliably in diverse environments. Plus, it operates quietly, producing less than 50dB of noise within a 1-meter radius. With a net weight of 20kg and dimensions of 248×500×565mm, the GMAC 10KVA Standard Backup Online UPS is a compact and powerful solution for safeguarding your critical systems. Trust in its capabilities to ensure uninterrupted power and peace of mind.

What is the price of GMAC 10KVA Standard Backup Online UPS in Bangladesh?

The latest price of GMAC 10KVA Standard Backup Online UPS in Bangladesh is ৳148,500.00 . You can buy the GMAC 10KVA Standard Backup Online UPS at best price from BME ONLINE SHOP, Bangladesh.

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