GMAC 6000VA Long Backup Online UPS

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  • Phase:Single Phase (1:1)
  • Capacity: 6000VA/5400W
  • Frequency: 40 ~ 70 Hz (Auto-Sensing)
  • Output Voltage: 220V/230V(±1%),50Hz
  • Backup :Dependent on the Capacity of External Batteries

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General Information
Brand GMAC
Phase Single Phase (1:1)
Capacity 6000VA/5400W
Display Type LCD+LED: load rating/ battery capacity/ input/ output/ operating mode
Output Voltage 220VAC
Frequency (Battery Mode) 50/60Hz±0.2Hz
Noise Level <50 dB @ 1 meter 1
Battery 16PCS (External)
Additional Information
Frequency 40 ~ 70 Hz (Auto-Sensing)
Output Voltage 220V/230V(±1%), 50Hz
Backup Dependent on the Capacity of External Batteries
Input Features
Frequency 40 Hz - 70 Hz
Power Factor ≥0.99
Voltage Range 120~275VAC
Output Features
Backup Time Depends on customer configuration
Type of Wave Gelombang sinus murni
Physical Specification
Dimension 212*500*420mm
Weight 14 kg
Manufacture Warranty
Warranty 2 years


Frequent power outages are a common challenge faced by many in Bangladesh, disrupting daily life and business operations. The quest for a steadfast power backup solution is often met with a myriad of options, leaving consumers navigating through various choices.

Enter the GMAC 6000VA Long Backup Online UPS – a beacon of reliability and efficiency in ensuring uninterrupted power supply. This advanced power backup system stands out with its impressive long backup time and a transformerless design, offering a seamless and superior alternative to traditional solutions. While the Gmsc 600va ups may cater to basic needs, the GMAC 6000VA takes power backup to the next level, ensuring that your essential devices are always protected and operational when you need them the most.

Key Features of GMAC 6000VA Long Backup Online UPS in Bangladesh:

Highlight Features:

  • 6kVA Power Output: The GMAC 6000VA UPS is capable of delivering a robust 6kVA power output, ensuring that your devices are adequately powered during outages.
  • Long Backup Time: Designed to provide extended power support, this UPS ensures that your systems remain operational for extended periods during power interruptions.
  • Transformerless and Efficient Design: The GMAC 6000VA UPS boasts a transformerless design, making it not only efficient in power delivery but also lighter and more compact.
  • Online Operation for Continuous Power: With its online operation, the UPS guarantees continuous power supply, ensuring that there is no break in power delivery to your critical systems.
  • Wide Input Voltage Range: The UPS can accommodate a broad spectrum of input voltages, making it versatile and adaptable to varying power conditions.

Highlight Benefits:

  • Ensures Uninterrupted Power Supply: With its long backup time and continuous online operation, the GMAC 6000VA UPS ensures that your devices never experience a break in power supply.
  • Suitable for Critical Applications: The robust 6kVA power output makes this UPS an ideal choice for critical applications where power interruptions can lead to significant losses.
  • Compact and Space-Saving: The transformerless design not only enhances efficiency but also ensures that the UPS occupies minimal space, making it suitable for environments with space constraints.
  • Protects Against Various Power Disturbances: The wide input voltage range and continuous power supply ensure that your devices are safeguarded against common power disturbances such as surges, sags, and blackouts.

The GMAC 6000VA Long Backup Online UPS emerges as a comprehensive power backup solution tailored for the needs of Bangladesh, combining powerful features with significant benefits to ensure reliability and peace of mind.

The GMAC 6000VA UPS is engineered with a sophisticated double conversion topology, ensuring that the power flow is seamlessly converted twice - first from AC to DC and then back to AC. This process guarantees that the output power is isolated from the input, providing a clean and stable power supply to your devices. The 0 ms transfer time is a testament to the UPS's capability to switch instantaneously to battery mode during a power outage, ensuring that your devices experience no downtime.

Moreover, the GMAC 6000VA UPS is designed to deliver a pure sine wave output. This means that the power supplied by the UPS closely mimics the power you would get from a standard electrical outlet, ensuring that your sensitive electronic devices operate efficiently and without risk of damage.

User Application:

The GMAC 6000VA UPS proves to be a versatile power backup solution suitable for a variety of settings in Bangladesh. For home offices, it ensures that professionals can continue their work without interruption, safeguarding computers, routers, and other essential devices. Small businesses can rely on it to keep their operations running smoothly, preventing data loss and maintaining productivity. Medical facilities, where power continuity can be a matter of life and death, can trust the GMAC 6000VA UPS to keep critical equipment such as ventilators and monitors operational during power outages.

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The GMAC 6000VA Long Backup Online UPS is available at a competitive price, ensuring that you receive unparalleled value for your investment. The GMAC 6000VA Long Backup Online UPS price in Bangladesh is set at 95,500 Taka.


Understanding the diverse financial needs of our customers, BME offers convenient EMI options for purchasing the GMAC 6000VA UPS. This allows you to secure a reliable power backup solution without any immediate financial strain, making it accessible and affordable.

Stock and Delivery:

The GMAC 6000VA Long Backup Online UPS is currently in stock and ready for delivery. BME is committed to prompt and efficient service, ensuring that your product reaches you in a timely manner. Our delivery times are designed to be convenient and swift, ensuring that you can set up your new power backup solution as soon as possible.

In conclusion, with competitive pricing, convenient payment options, and prompt delivery, BME ensures that acquiring the GMAC 6000VA Long Backup Online UPS is a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Technical Specifications and Usage:


The GMAC 6000VA Long Backup Online UPS comes packed with a range of technical features designed to provide reliable and efficient power backup:

  • Input Power Factor: The UPS boasts an impressive input power factor of up to 0.99, ensuring that the power drawn from the mains is utilized effectively.
  • Output Power Factor: With an output power factor of up to 0.9, the UPS ensures that a substantial portion of the input power is delivered to your devices.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR): The UPS is equipped with AVR technology that automatically adjusts the voltage levels to maintain stability and protect your devices from voltage fluctuations.
  • Overload Protection: The GMAC 6000VA UPS comes with built-in overload protection that safeguards your equipment from damage due to excess power draw.

Usage Guidance:

Setting up and using the GMAC 6000VA Long Backup Online UPS is designed to be straightforward:

  1. Placement: Ensure that the UPS is placed in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight or excessive heat.
  2. Connection: Connect your devices to the UPS using appropriate cables. Ensure that the total power requirement of the connected devices does not exceed the UPS capacity.
  3. Power On: Turn on the UPS using the power button. The indicators on the UPS should light up, signaling that it is operational and providing power to the connected devices.
  4. Monitoring: Regularly check the indicators and alarms to ensure that the UPS is functioning optimally.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your GMAC 6000VA Long Backup Online UPS is set up correctly and ready to provide reliable power backup whenever needed.

FAQs and Support:

Q: Can the GMAC 6000VA UPS be used for home appliances?

  •  Yes, the GMAC 6000VA UPS is versatile and can be used to power a range of home appliances, ensuring they continue to operate during power outages.

Q: What is the backup time of the GMAC 6000VA UPS?

The GMAC 6000VA UPS is designed to provide extended backup time. The exact duration will depend on the total power load of the connected devices.

Q: Is the GMAC 6000VA UPS compatible with all types of electronic devices?

  • A: The GMAC 6000VA UPS provides a pure sine wave output, making it compatible with a wide range of sensitive electronic devices.


For further assistance or queries, customers can reach out to our dedicated support team through our website or contact us directly via phone or email.

Shipping and Return Policy:

We offer prompt and reliable shipping services. In case of any discrepancies or issues with the product received, customers can refer to our return policy available on our website.

Warranty and Support:

The GMAC 6000VA UPS comes with a comprehensive warranty. Details regarding the warranty period and support services can be found in the product documentation or on our website.

The GMAC 6000VA Long Backup Online UPS stands as a testament to reliability and efficiency in addressing power concerns in Bangladesh. Its advanced features and robust performance make it an indispensable asset for ensuring uninterrupted power supply to your critical devices. With the GMAC 6000VA Long Backup Online UPS price in Bangladesh set at 95,500 Taka, it represents a worthwhile investment in securing peace of mind.

We encourage you to explore more details or make a purchase through the provided link, and take a step towards a seamless and worry-free power backup solution.

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What is the price of GMAC 6000VA Long Backup Online UPS in Bangladesh?

The latest price of GMAC 6000VA Long Backup Online UPS in Bangladesh is ৳95,500.00 . You can buy the GMAC 6000VA Long Backup Online UPS at best price from BME ONLINE SHOP, Bangladesh.

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