Paper Shredder Machine Price in Bangladesh - BME 2023

Paper shredders are machines designed to destroy paper documents. These devices come in various sizes and shapes, depending on their intended purpose. Some models even include features such as water filtration systems, anti-static protection, and dust collection systems.

What is a paper Shredder Machine?

A paper shredder machine is a device that can be used for destroying sensitive or confidential information contained within paper documents. This type of equipment is also known as document destruction machinery. The most common use of this kind of machine is the destruction of financial records, credit card statements, insurance policies, medical files, legal documents, etc.

Types of paper shredder machines?

There are several different types of paper shredder machines available like Cross-Cut Shredders, Strip-Cut Shredders, Micro-Cut Shredders, High Security Shredders, Auto Feed Shredders, Heavy Duty Shredders, Long Duty Cycle Shredders, Anti-Jam Shredders. They range from small desktop units to large industrial-size models. There are two main categories: manual and automatic. Manual shredders require you to manually feed the documents into the shredding mechanics. Automatic shredders do all the work for you. You simply place your documents inside the hopper and press start.

Benefits of Using Paper Shredder machines?

The benefits of using a paper shredder machine are numerous. For one thing, it will save you time and money by eliminating the need to hire professional document destruction services. It’s also an environmentally friendly way to dispose of sensitive papers. Finally, these machines help prevent identity theft because they make it difficult for anyone to reassemble shredded pieces of paper.

How to choose the right paper shredder machine?

When choosing a paper shredder machine, it’s important to consider your specific needs. Some key factors to consider are the size of your office, the type of documents you want to destroy, and the price range you’re comfortable with. You also need to decide which type of machine will best suit your needs: manual or automatic. And lastly, make sure that the model you choose includes all the features you need (e.g., water filtration system, anti-static protection) to ensure reliable shredding performance.

How to Clean of paper shredder machine?

If the paper shredder machine is used regularly, it is important to clean it regularly. Cleaning includes unjamming the feeder, cutting and emptying the waste bin, disassembling and cleaning all moving parts (cross cutters, etc.), and washing all interior surfaces with a stiff brush followed by a weak solution of chlorine bleach and water. Finally, plug in the power cord to ensure proper grounding before re-assembly.

Best Paper Shredder Machine Model and Price List in BD


Paper Shredder Machine Model List



Jinpex JP-800C Paper Shredder Machine



Deli 9921 Paper Shredder Machine



OASTAR Power III-S Automatic Paper Shredder Machine



Jinpex JP-620C Paper Shredder Machine



Jinpex JP-6215CD Paper Shredder Machine



Golden GD-9515 Paper Shredder Machine



Jinpex JP-830C Micro-Cut Paper Shredder Machine



Aurora AS2230CD Paper Shredder Machine



Jinpex JP-860C Paper Crusher Machine



AURORA AS2588CD Paper Shredder Machine


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In Summary,

If you need to shred documents regularly, a paper shredder machine is a great option. Some of the best models available in Bangladesh are listed below. Please note that prices may differ depending on the location and model type.