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Photo Printing Paper Price in Bangladesh - BME 2023

Do you need to print photos but hate the thought of spending hours in the photo printing lab? Or maybe you're simply running out of printer paper and don't know where to find it? In this post, we'll discuss some of the best places to buy photo printing paper, and provide some tips on how to choose the right type for your needs. We'll also share a few tips on how to properly store and care for your photo printing paper so that it lasts as long as possible.

What is photo printing paper?

Photo printing paper is simply a type of paper that's used to print photos. It comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, but the two types most commonly used for photo printing are sheet (or traditional) photo paper and photo adhesive-backed paper.

What are the different types of photo paper?

There are four types of photo paper: Glossy Paper, Matte Paper, Semi-Gloss paper, and Luster/Pearl Paper.

Glossy Paper: Glossy photo paper is the most popular type of photo paper because it has a smooth finish that makes photos appear more lifelike. It's also great for printing photos that need to be displayed in bright light since its high gloss level means reflections are reduced.

Matte Paper: Matte photo paper has a matte finish that makes photos look less glossy than Glossy Paper and more realistic. It works well for printing Photos with subjects with subtle details or dark colors since the matte surface will reduce reflection and shadowing.

Semi-Gloss Paper: Semi-Gloss Photo paper is a compromise between Glossy and Matte photo paper. It has a slightly glossier finish than Matte paper, but less reflective qualities than Glossy Paper. It's best for printing photos that need to be displayed in both bright light and medium light since it maintains some of the realism of Glossy Photo Paper while reducing reflections in lower light levels.

Luster/Pearl Paper: Luster/ Pearl Photo paper is the least common type of photo paper because its glossy surface creates an optical illusion that makes photos look like they have a pearl or luster finish. This effect is most pronounced when printing photos with high contrast and dark colors, since the luster/pearl effect amplifies those details.

What is the photo paper Size?

There are three different sizes of photo paper: A4, A3, and letters.

Popular Brands of Photo Printing Paper in Bangladesh

Some of the most popular brands of photo printing paper in Bangladesh are HP, Canon, Kodak, Astha, Double-A, and Epson.

How to choose the right type of photo printing paper?

When choosing the right type of photo printing paper, it's important to consider the specific needs of your photos.

For example, if you're printing photos that need to be displayed in bright light, choose a piece of paper with a high gloss level. If you want your photos to have a realistic look but still be displayable in medium light levels, choose a piece of paper with a matte finish. And if you want your photos to have less reflection and shadowing, choose semi-gloss or luster/pearl paper.

For example, if you're going to print your photos on a large scale and display them in a dark room, choose a piece of paper with a high gloss level. If you're printing your photos for personal use and plan on displaying them in bright light or medium light levels, choose a piece of paper with a matte finish.

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Plotter 24 Inches x 50 Mtrs, 80 GSM Paper Roll                         


ASTHA A4 Premium 80gsm Printing Paper


Orion A4 Premium 80gsm Paper


Double A 80 Gsm A4 Size Paper


Double A LG 80gsm Printing Paper


Double A A3 80gsm Printing Paper


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In Conclusion,

there is no one best type of photo printing paper, as each has its own unique benefits and drawbacks. It's important to consider the specific needs of your photos and how you plan on displaying them when selecting the right type of paper for your prints.