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Desktop PC Computer Power Supply Best Price in Bangladesh

The power supply is a compulsory component for gaming PC or even for normal CPUs. Among the brands you will find exclusive Antec, Corsair, Gamdias, and for quality budget brand MaxGreen. Considering the capacity, we introduce from 350w to 1000w of Bronze, Gold & Platinum Modular, Semi- Modular & Full Modular all the variables of power supplies. power supply unit or PSU for PC converts AC to low-voltage regulated DC power for the internal components of a computer. In the modern age of power supplies automatically adapt to the mains voltage by switched-mode power supplies. At the present time, the power supply for PC manufactured for ATX considers the size and voltage tolerances. ATX PSU usually functions 5 Volt standbys for certain components by getting a signal from the motherboard of turning on and off. It also passes the signal to the motherboard for safe power and booting up.