Buy CPUs-Processors for your PC from Intel and AMD with best Price in Bangladesh

The processor acts as the computer’s brain, running all of its processes, commands, and tasks. So, asking it to do intensive tasks when you have one of mediocre quality is going to end in a lot of disappointment and frustration, whether you’re upgrading or building a new PC. There are two leading CPU manufacturers on the market, Intel® and AMD. They build processors for both mainstream users and experts who want to boost system performance with overclocking.  Thankfully, since Intel and AMD have been fighting for dominance in the processor realm, there are plenty of fantastic options at pretty reasonable prices.

You don’t have to compromise for lesser chips even if you’re on a budget thanks to options that have both plenty of performance on tap and a manageable price tag, such as the Comet Lake-S and the Ryzen 5000. And, to help you figure which one is right for you, we’ve picked the best processors available right now for powering through your creative workloads, playing the best PC games, and more.

Intel Core CPUs and HDD Bring Professional-grade Features Into the World of Mainstream Computing:
Ninth generation Intel Core™ computer processors, when paired with Intel Optane®, offer an unprecedented speed. The Intel Turbo Boost technology 2.0 increases the CPU's frequency based on your needs, and the Intel Smart Cache reduces latency. Most models have many PCIe® lanes, up to 40, for even better performance. The PCI Express® 3.0 interface supports data transfer speeds of up to 8GTps. These powerful CPUs support the Intel Z390 chipset, to let your device use USB 3.1-second generation and Intel Wireless-AC. They also support Gigabit Wi-Fi to offer you the best possible speed. The Intel® Quick Sync Video technology allows content creators to live-stream fast, without glitches or interruptions. The Intel BIOS Guard and Boot Guard features protect your system during boot up, while the Intel Software Guard Extensions keep your applications safe. The i9-9900K is the first unlocked mainstream processor of the series. It features eight cores and 16MB of cache, other than advanced overclocking features. The AMD StoreMI technology combines the speed of an SSD with the high capacity of an HDD. It moves the data you use most frequently to the SSD to improve speed and performance.

The Latest Intel i7 Core CPUs Offer an Excellent Entertainment Experience:
Tenth generation Intel i7 Core processors feature the Intel Iris® technology, which delivers excellent graphics. The U-series Comet Lake CPUs support Dolby® Vision® and Dolby Atmos®, to provide Dolby-certified graphics and 3D surround sound. Their Intel Gigabit LTE M.2 module lets you browse the internet faster than ever before. The 10th generation Intel i7 CPUs have up to six cores, 12 threads and 12MB of Intel Smart Cache, to achieve the best possible performance. The second-generation Precision Boost Overdrive, a smart automated overclocking feature, helps you get the most out of your computer system.

AMD Ryzen Desktop Processors Meet the Needs of the Most Demanding Users:
AMD Ryzen® Threadripper® PC processors are among the faster and more powerful on the market. With up to 64 cores and 128 threads, they offer excellent performance, making them convenient for professional environments. Ryzen Threadripper CPUs can have up to 88 PCIe 4.0 lanes and 288MB of combined cache. Ryzen Threadripper processors are compatible with some of the best motherboards on the market, including the ASUS® Republic of Gamers® Zenith II Extreme and the MSI® Creator TRX40. AMD Ryzen 9 desktop processors are nothing less. Their Zen 2 core architecture combines performance and energy efficiency, while the GameCache reduces memory latency for a better gaming experience. The Precision Boost 2 feature automatically increases the CPU frequency when needed. These processors come with the AMD Ryzen Master Utility software, for easier overclocking.