The Xiaomi and MI Monitor has a Empowered by 4K ultra HD and a cinematic super-wide color gamut, a monitor for professional design is unveiled and coupled with the strong expansion capability and multi-dimensional adjustment design, it allows you to express your creativity and unleash your potential in all aspects. Solid strength in developing specialised monitors Spark your creativity in image processing Ultra-clear viewing experience and vast range of colors 4K ultra-high resolution reveals exquisitely realistic detail in every corner of the scene. Images on this IPS display with a resolution of 3840 × 2160 are stunningly clear. With parts of the image zoomed in several times, you can control details of your work more precisely when processing images. Outstanding color display brings richer color gradation. Regarded as the great tool for professional designers and video creators for image retouching and color matching, and demonstrating their creativity Meets the strict requirements for design work Say no to color difference! In-factory color calibration is performed on every monitor to ensure the accurate restoration of real-world colors With the versatile Type-C port, you can use one cable to both transmit data and charge devices Thanks to the advantage of high-speed data transmission using Type-C , the multi-functional Type-C port supports the "one-cable connection" between your laptop and monitor. Not only can it provide high-speed transmission of audio and video signals and data transmission, but it can also charge your computer at the same time, with a maximum power of 90W*, leaving you with a tidy and organised desk.