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We supply original brands copier machines Toner Cartridge in Bangladesh. For example, Toshiba Photocopier Toner Cartridge,  Canon Copier Machines Toner Cartridge, Sharp Copier Machines Toner Cartridge, Ricoh Copier Machines Toner Cartridge, Kyocera Copier Machines Toner Cartridge & Konica Minolta Copier Machines Toner Cartridge, etc. About of Copier Toner Cartridge The structure of the clear blade and powder knife is very similar, but its function is the powder knife, clean blade rubber material condition, and knife-edge is very important, the rubber will be emulsified and deformed after a long time of use, knife-edge often if there is a gap, Such a clear blade can no longer be used, and partial bottom ash or a vertical light black line will produce printed products.  Magnetic roller is one of the components that have the greatest impact on the blackness of the Copier product. The thickness and density of black coating will change with continuous use. After closing the absorbed toner on the magnet roller, if the black cover of the magnetic roller looks thin, even if the aluminum base or surface color looks too light, the Copier paper made by such a magnetic roller will be shallow. Should be replaced with a new magnetic roller or magnetic roller sleeve. At disassembly and assembly, the magnetic roller should be adjustable and cannot be placed at random. It should be placed away from other metal parts to avoid hard objects. All of the toner cartridge illumination drums, magnetic rollers and charging rollers have electrical contact points that interact with the machine. In the assembly, attention should be paid to the cleaning and communication of electrical contact points. Toner cartridges are used on the machine, illumination drum, roller, and magnetic roller charging are rolled. After assembling these components, the driving gear should be pushed to check if it can be rotated flexibly. When the toner cartridge is installed, pull the drum gear back to the normal rotation direction of the drone so that the drum rotates flexion before the ton cartridge is dropped, otherwise, the machine will be damaged.  The surface layer of the charging roller often wears carbon powder, toner joints and paper scraps due to long-term use. This phenomenon may have to be worn underneath or printed products, etc., before filling the tank. Use a vacuum cleaner or wipe with a soft cloth. Be sure to clean the surface as much as possible to charge the drum effectively. If you find that the surface is damaged, do not use it, because if you continue to use it, it will not only affect the charging but will also cause physical and chemical damage to the drum. Each material has its own permanent position, which is determined by the spring or screw, while the powder bin and the waste toner bin attach the plastic clip, screw or shaft core. The components in the assembly must be installed so that the toner cartridge can be properly dropped. Why Choose Us We provide Photocopier Toner Cartridge Home Delivery in Dhaka under 3 hours. We can’t provide the Wasted  Copier Toner Cartridge. If you call us, we can bring the order to your home or office. Our servicemen are very honest and active, they also try to give their best in the work field. BME Online Shop is a multipurpose ICT based Product & Equipment Retailer & Wholesaler Web Portal or E-commerce based Web-page. We have been operating the business for the last 18 years in Bangladesh.