Buy Kyocera Copier Genuine Toner Cartridge with Best competitive Price in BD

Buy Kyocera Copier Toner Cartridges with cheap price & Save your money. No matter what the demands of your office, we’re sure to have the right product to your Kyocera Copier Machines. Your business can save money with genuine toner Cartridge. Original KYOCERA toners are independently tested to deliver a specific number of pages and you can beChoose original Kyocera toner cartridges, and you’ll benefit from as well as our 120% price promise. This deal offers money back should you find the same product cheaper elsewhere — so you’ll always save money on the cost of printing by shopping us with Genuine & Original Photocopier Toner cartridge.  

  • Genuine Kyocera Toner:

Only genuine Kyocera toner guarantees print quality, environmental standards and product life. Kyocera has spent decades developing technologies that consistently deliver lower running costs than our competitors. Toner is not a “one size fits all” consumable and there is only one supplier who can deliver the quality, economy and reliability you expect when you purchase a Kyocera device.

  • Benefits of using our genuine toner: Once your business has taken the first step to lowering running costs with KYOCERA devices, it may seem logical to go one step further by using non-original toner. However, the use of non-original toner can jeopardise the benefits you receive with your KYOCERA product and turn out to be much more expensive than you thought.
  1. Economy and cost-saving targets: Your business can save money with genuine toner. Original KYOCERA toners are independently tested to deliver a specific number of pages and you can be certain that the KYOCERA cassette you purchase will deliver the output volume you expect, which may not be the case for non-original toners.
  2. Health safety: To satisfy Germany’s Blue Angel eco-label requirement and to create a safer working environment, KYOCERA toner does not contain harmful substances such as mercury, cadmium, lead and nickel, Chromium VI compounds, dyes that might release carcinogenic particles.
  3. Device health: The long-life design of KYOCERA devices is fundamentally different to other laser products. The durable components in our ECOSYS and TASKalfa multifunctionals are designed to operate in conjunction with original KYOCERA toner. 
  4. Document quality: The high image quality for which KYOCERA devices are known is linked to the tiny size and accurate shape of the individual toner particles in an original KYOCERA toner cassette. Non-original toner particles may be too large or poorly shaped to deliver the same quality.
  • How can you know if your toner is counterfeit?: Kyocera applies security features to its products to guarantee that customers know that they are using only the best products. The security hologram, in combination with a Handy Viewer, permits a secure product authentication. In addition, there is often unusually low pricing of counterfeits product, but what may look like a bargain can turn out to be very costly. In order to be certain that a product is genuine, it is always advisable to purchase through an authorised Kyocera dealer channel. Please contact your dealer for the latest information on the colour-shift when using the Handy Viewer and hologram combination.
  • Warranty - no limitations for authenticity: Ultimately, it is a customer’s decision whether to use a Kyocera original toner or a non-original one. However, technical defects or other technical problems caused by using non-original toner will not be covered by Kyocera’s Manufacturer’s Warranty. Only use original Kyocera toners so that there are no limitations to your guarantee.
  • We care about the environment: Kyocera toners can guarantee an environmentally friendly approach which fits with our philosophy.
  1. Toner recycling free for customers: We have a free-of-charge direct collection scheme of toner cassettes for thermal recycling for Kyocera clients across Europe.
  2. Kyocera and the environment: Our vision is to protect our planet.It's fundamental for us at Kyocera that we pioneer products that help solve environmental challenges.