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Are you looking for a sharp photocopier toner price in Bangladesh? If so, you're in the right place. On this blog, you'll be able to find all the latest sharp photocopier toner prices in Bangladesh as well as information on how to buy sharp photocopier toner online. Additionally, this blog also provides tips on how to save money when buying sharp photocopier toner. So whether you're looking to purchase sharp photocopier toner or just need to know the current price, you'll find everything you need on this blog!

Sharp toner cartridge Types of color

There are three types of toner cartridges that use in Sharp printers- black, cyan, and yellow. Each color has a specific function and is used to print different colors on documents. A black toner is the most common type used because it's cheaper to produce than the other two types. However, printing with black toner may require more maintenance as it can cause greater damage if not replaced on time due to smudging or clogging of the printer cartridge's nozzles.

Sharp toner cartridge Cost in bd

Sharp toner cartridge prices in Bangladesh can vary depending on the brand, however, as a general rule of thumb, sharp toner cartridge prices start at around Tk2,000 per cartridge.

How to choose the original Sharp toner cartridge

If you're looking to purchase sharp toner cartridges for your Sharp printer, it's important to be aware of the different types of cartridges available and the differences in their respective price tags. Here are some tips on how to choose an original cartridge:

Check the printing quality: If you're only printing basic documents, a cheaper copy cartridge may be sufficient. However, if you require high-quality prints or expect to use your printer heavily, it's worth investing in an original Sharp toner cartridge.

Consider compatibility: Certain printers are compatible with certain types of toner cartridges. Make sure to check the compatibility before making your purchase to avoid potential conflict.

Consider price: Not all original Sharp toner cartridges are expensive, but some may be considerably more expensive than cheaper copy cartridges. It's important to research available prices and decide which type of sharp toner cartridge is best for you.

Consider brand: Not all original Sharp toner cartridges are made by the same manufacturers. For example, some may be produced by Lexmark while others may be made by Canon. It's important to research available brands and find a cartridge that meets your specific needs.

5 Most popular printer toner brands?

There are a variety of toner brands available in Bangladesh, but the five most popular brands include


What is the difference between Sharp toner cartridges?

There are a number of different types of Sharp toner cartridges available. The most common types include original and copy cartridges. Original Sharp toner cartridges are designed for high-quality printing, while copy Sharp toner cartridges are typically cheaper and intended for basic printing tasks.

Which type of photocopier toner should I buy if I need to make high-quality prints?

If you need to make high-quality prints, then the best photocopier toner type to buy is the drum unit. This type of toner produces sharper prints and lasts longer than the ribbon or cartridge units. Additionally, you may also want to consider buying a Duplex or Multifunctional Copiers if you need more printing options. Alternatively, if you are looking for a higher-quality photocopier toner, then make sure to buy a laser printer that is compatible with it.

Top Sharp toner cartridge price list in BD


Best Sharp Toner Cartridge



Sharp AR- 016ST Original Black Toner Cartridge



Sharp MX-237AT Original Black Toner Cartridge                                         



Sharp AR-020ST Original Black Toner Cartridge



Sharp MX-235AT Original Black Toner Cartridge



Sharp MX-315AT Black Original Toner Cartridge



Sharp MX-561AT Black Original Toner Cartridge



Sharp MX-500AT Black Original Toner Cartridge



Sharp MX-B45AT Original Black Toner Cartridge


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