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Discover the superior range of Evolis ID Card Printers, perfect for enhancing security and efficiency in your organization. With prices ranging from BDT 70,000 to BDT 200,000, we offer models suited to every budget and need. Invest in reliability, high-quality printing, and advanced security features. Elevate your ID card printing with Evolis today.



Evolis ID Card Printer Price in Bangladesh

In today's fast-paced digital world, the security and authenticity of identification are more crucial than ever. This has led to a significant rise in demand for high-quality ID card printers across various sectors. Among the leading brands in this market, Evolis stands out for its innovative solutions and superior print quality, especially in the bustling markets of Bangladesh.

The Evolis ID card printer is renowned for its efficiency, reliability, and user-friendly features, making it a preferred choice for businesses and institutions. Whether for small-scale operations or large corporate environments, Evolis printers cater to a wide range of printing needs. In Bangladesh, where the demand for secure and durable ID cards is on the rise, the price and features of these printers become a focal point for potential buyers.

Understanding the importance of making an informed decision, this guide aims to provide comprehensive insights into the Evolis ID card printer price in Bangladesh. From exploring the unique features that set these printers apart to navigating the diverse models available, this introduction serves as your gateway to finding the perfect ID card printing solution. Let's delve into the world of Evolis ID card printers and discover how they can enhance the efficiency and security of your organization.

Features of Evolis ID Card Printer

Evolis ID card printers are designed with a blend of innovation and efficiency, catering to a wide range of professional needs. Below are the key features that set these printers apart in the competitive market:

Superior Print Quality: Evolis printers are equipped with advanced printing technologies that ensure crisp, high-resolution images and text on every card. The edge-to-edge printing capability allows for full coverage, making each card look professional and polished.

Durability and Reliability: Built to last, Evolis ID card printers are known for their robustness and longevity. They can handle high-volume printing without compromising on quality, making them ideal for organizations with frequent ID card printing needs.

User-Friendly Interface: Ease of use is a hallmark of Evolis printers. With intuitive interfaces and clear instructions, users can easily manage printing settings, load cards, and replace ribbons without specialized training.

Versatility: Whether you need monochrome cards or full-color designs, Evolis printers offer a range of options to suit various printing needs. They can accommodate different card materials and sizes, providing flexibility for various applications.

Advanced Security Features: Evolis printers come with options for encoding magnetic stripes, smart chips, and contactless RFID technology. These features enable the creation of secure ID cards that can be used for access control, payments, and other secure applications.

Eco-Friendly Design: Committed to sustainability, Evolis incorporates eco-friendly measures in their printers, including energy-saving modes and recyclable materials. This commitment ensures that organizations can reduce their environmental footprint while meeting their ID card printing needs.

Customizable Options: Evolis understands that each organization has unique needs. That's why they offer customizable options, including hologram overlays, watermarking, and custom card design templates, to enhance card security and brand identity.

Types of Evolis ID Card Printer

Evolis offers a diverse range of ID card printers to cater to various needs and budgets. Understanding the different types available can help you select the most suitable model for your organization's specific requirements:

Evolis Primacy: The Primacy model stands out for its versatility and high performance, ideal for medium to large-scale printing projects. It offers fast, double-sided printing capabilities and is suitable for producing a wide range of ID cards, from simple employee badges to sophisticated access cards with embedded security features.

Evolis Zenius: Designed for smaller-scale or individual printing needs, the Zenius printer is compact, user-friendly, and cost-effective. It's perfect for businesses or educational institutions that require high-quality, single-sided card printing with a straightforward setup and operation.

Evolis Quantum: The Quantum series is tailored for very high-volume card printing, combining the flexibility of a desktop printer with the power of an industrial machine. It's particularly suited for large organizations or card service bureaus that need to produce vast quantities of cards with varying levels of complexity and security features.

Evolis Avansia: Avansia is a retransfer printer designed for heavy-duty card production with a focus on superior print quality and durability. This model is ideal for creating secure and long-lasting ID cards, such as driver's licenses, secure access badges, and advanced financial cards.

Evolis Tattoo RW: This unique printer is designed for rewritable cards, allowing you to erase and reprint on the same card up to 500 times. The Tattoo RW is an excellent choice for temporary badges, visitor passes, or loyalty cards where information needs to be updated frequently.

Evolis ID Card Printers for Work

Evolis ID card printers are engineered to meet the diverse needs of various work environments. Their adaptability and efficiency make them suitable for a range of professional settings:

Corporate Offices: In corporate environments, security and professionalism are paramount. Evolis printers can produce high-quality employee badges and access cards that enhance security while maintaining a professional image. Features like magnetic stripe encoding and smart chip integration ensure that office buildings remain secure, and employees can move efficiently through access-controlled areas.

Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities require reliable ID card systems for students, faculty, and staff. Evolis printers offer the durability needed for daily use and the flexibility to include features such as library access, cafeteria payments, and campus security. The user-friendly design ensures that administrative staff can easily issue and manage cards throughout the academic year.

Healthcare Facilities: In healthcare settings, patient safety and data security are critical. Evolis printers can produce ID cards that not only provide secure access to restricted areas but also carry vital patient information. The printers’ high-quality output ensures that barcodes and text are clear and easy to read, which is essential for quick identification and minimizing errors.

Retail and Hospitality: For the retail and hospitality industries, customer loyalty and brand representation are key. Evolis printers can create attractive loyalty cards, gift cards, and employee badges that reinforce brand identity and enhance customer engagement. The ability to print vibrant colors and detailed designs ensures that each card reflects the quality and style of the brand.

Government and Public Services: Government agencies require ID solutions that meet high standards of security and efficiency. Evolis printers are capable of producing secure and durable ID cards for various applications, including driver’s licenses, national ID cards, and public service employee badges. Advanced security features like hologram overlays and electronic encoding help prevent tampering and fraud.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Making the Final Purchase

Investing in an Evolis ID card printer is a significant decision that can impact your organization's operations and security. Here are essential factors to consider before finalizing your purchase:

Printing Volume Needs: Assess the number of cards your organization plans to print on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. Different Evolis models cater to varying printing volumes, from occasional use to continuous, high-volume printing. Choosing a printer that matches your volume needs ensures efficiency and longevity.

Card Security Features: Consider the level of security required for your ID cards. Evolis printers offer a range of security features, including hologram overlays, smart chip encoding, and magnetic stripes. Higher security features are crucial for sensitive environments like healthcare, education, and corporate settings.

Print Quality and Card Design: The appearance of your ID cards can reflect your organization's image. Evolis printers provide high-resolution printing for crisp text and vibrant images. If your cards require detailed logos, photographs, or intricate designs, ensure the printer you choose can deliver the desired print quality.

Ease of Use and Maintenance: Look for a printer with a user-friendly interface and easy maintenance procedures. Evolis printers are designed for straightforward operation and maintenance, but some models may offer additional features like LCD screens for easier navigation or modular designs for quick repairs.

Future-Proofing: Consider not only your current needs but also potential future requirements. If your organization is likely to grow or if you anticipate changes in your ID card needs, select a printer that is scalable or offers upgrade options, such as additional encoding modules or connectivity options.

Total Cost of Ownership: Beyond the initial purchase price, consider the long-term costs associated with your printer, including consumables (ribbons, cards, cleaning kits) and maintenance. Some Evolis models are more economical in terms of consumable costs and energy efficiency, which can lead to savings over time.

Vendor Support and Warranty: Ensure that your purchase comes with comprehensive support and a solid warranty. Reliable customer service, technical support, and warranty terms can significantly impact your experience and satisfaction with the printer. Choose a vendor like that offers strong after-sales support and competitive warranty coverage.

Why Buy from

Choosing where to purchase your Evolis ID card printer is as crucial as selecting the printer itself. stands out as a premier choice for several compelling reasons:

Warranty: Every Evolis printer purchased through comes with a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty. This warranty not only ensures that your investment is protected against defects but also provides peace of mind knowing that any issues will be promptly addressed by professionals.

Customer Support: prides itself on offering exceptional customer support. From the moment you consider purchasing an Evolis printer, through the buying process, and during the lifetime of your product, our team is here to provide expert advice, installation guidance, and troubleshooting assistance. Our goal is to ensure that you have a smooth and hassle-free experience with your printer.

Competitive Pricing: We understand that budget considerations are paramount for our customers. offers competitive pricing on all Evolis ID card printers, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. We strive to make top-quality ID card printing accessible to businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Genuine Products: When you buy from, you are guaranteed to receive genuine Evolis products. We are an authorized distributor, which means that all our printers come directly from Evolis, ensuring that you receive a product that meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

After-Sales Service: Our commitment to our customers doesn't end with the sale. offers comprehensive after-sales service, including maintenance and repair services by certified technicians. We ensure that your printer remains in optimal condition, providing reliable performance year after year.

Wide Range of Supplies and Accessories: In addition to printers, offers a full range of Evolis supplies and accessories, including ribbons, cleaning kits, and blank cards. This one-stop-shop approach saves you time and ensures that you always have the necessary supplies on hand for your printing needs.

Latest Evolis ID Card Printer Price list in Bangladesh

SL                                                            Evolis ID Card Printers Models List Price in BD
1 Evolis Badgy200 Single-Sided Card Printer ৳75,000
2 Evolis Zenius Classic Single-Sided ID Card Printer ৳90,000
3 Evolis Primacy Simplex Expert ID Card Printer ৳110,000
4 Evolis Primacy Duplex Expert ID Card Printer ৳145,000
5 Evolis Primacy Lamination Simplex Expert Card Printer ৳290,000
6 Evolis Avansia Duplex Expert Retransfer ID Card Printer                                                                                          ৳450,000

FAQs about the Evolis ID Card Printer

What types of ID cards can Evolis printers produce?

Evolis printers are versatile and can produce a variety of ID cards, including employee badges, student IDs, access control cards, loyalty cards, and more. They support various card materials and technologies, such as PVC, PET, magnetic stripes, and smart chips.

Can Evolis printers print on both sides of the card? 

Yes, many Evolis models offer dual-sided printing capabilities. This feature allows for more detailed card designs, including additional security elements, personal information, or branding on the reverse side.

How long do Evolis printer ribbons last? 

The lifespan of a printer ribbon depends on the model of the printer and the type of ribbon used. Generally, ribbons can produce anywhere from 100 to 500 cards per roll. Specific yield information is typically provided on the ribbon packaging or in the printer specifications.

Are Evolis printers compatible with all operating systems? 

Evolis printers are compatible with most major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. However, it's important to check the specific compatibility for your Evolis printer model and your operating system version.

Can I encode magnetic stripes and smart chips with Evolis printers? 

Yes, many Evolis printers are equipped with options for encoding magnetic stripes and smart chips. These features enable the production of advanced secure ID cards suitable for access control, financial transactions, and other applications.

How often do I need to clean my Evolis printer? 

Regular cleaning is crucial for maintaining print quality and prolonging the life of your printer. It is recommended to clean your Evolis printer every 1,000 card prints or at least once every three months, depending on usage.

Where can I purchase consumables for my Evolis printer?

Consumables such as ribbons, cleaning kits, and blank cards can be purchased from authorized Evolis dealers and distributors. offers a wide range of Evolis consumables to ensure your printer operates efficiently and continues to produce high-quality cards.

What should I do if my Evolis printer is not working properly? 

If your Evolis printer is experiencing issues, first consult the user manual and troubleshooting guide. If the problem persists, contact customer support for assistance or to arrange for service. Ensure you have your printer model and serial number handy for faster service.


Selecting the right ID card printer is a pivotal decision that can significantly influence the operational efficiency and security protocols of your organization. Evolis ID card printers offer a blend of reliability, quality, and innovation, making them an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their security measures and streamline their identification processes. By understanding your specific needs and considering the unique features of Evolis printers, you can ensure a wise investment that aligns with your organizational goals.

Transitioning from traditional to modern ID card printing solutions represents a step forward in securing your business's assets and personnel. Evolis's range of printers caters to various requirements, from basic identification cards to advanced security badges, ensuring there is a solution for every business size and type. Embracing these advanced printing technologies can lead to improved security, enhanced brand image, and a more organized operational structure.

In conclusion, the journey to selecting an ID card printer should be approached with careful consideration of your organization's current and future needs. Evolis ID card printers stand out for their quality, versatility, and security features, making them a top choice for businesses worldwide. By choosing the right model and features for your specific requirements, you can look forward to a seamless, efficient, and secure ID card printing experience that supports your business objectives and enhances your professional environment.