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Heidi Id Card Printer Price in Bangladesh - BME 2024

If you're looking for a quality and affordable Id card printer, then you need to check out the Heidi card printer. This printer is perfect for printing high-quality ID cards, as it offers a wide range of specifications and features that will make your job easier. In addition, the Heidi card printer is also one of the most affordable printers on the market, making it an ideal choice for those on a budget. Read on to learn everything you need to know about this great printer!

Heidi card printer Specifications

If you're looking for a card printer that can handle all your printing needs, the Heidi card printer is the perfect option for you. It comes with a variety of printing methods, including thermal printing and direct inkjet printing. It also has an automatic document feeder that makes it easy to print cards with different shapes and sizes. What's more, you can even print round cards with the Heidi card printer. So what are you waiting for? Make the switch to the Heidi card printer today!

Heidi card printer's Best Feature

If you're looking for a card printer that's easy to use, fits the budget, and provides a lot of great features, the Heidi card printer is a great option. This printer doesn't require any special software or hardware, just pop the cards in and go. Plus, there are tons of other great features that make this printer stand out, like the ability to print in different colors and sizes. So, be sure to take the time to check out the Heidi card printer and see for yourself what makes it a great option!

How to use the Heidi card printer

Heidi card printer is a versatile printing device that can be used to print out both personal and professional cards. To use it, first, connect the device to your computer using the USB cable. Next, open and print the PDF document that was created by Heidi software. After printing, peel off the adhesive strip from each cardstock side and place them one above the other on top of the transparent film tape provided in order not to damage or distort images on cards during the printing process.

How to choose the best Id card printer

It's important to choose the best id card printer for your needs. This includes figuring out what your needs are and what printers are available on the market that meets those needs. There are a variety of printers on the market that cater to different needs, so it's important to do your research to find the perfect one for you. If you're printing IDs for employees, make sure the printer is approved by IDCC or ISO9001 certified. Having a printer that's compliant with these standards will ensure that your data is safe and your employees have the best possible experience when using their IDs.

Best Heidi Id Card Printer Price List in BD



Heidi Id Card Printer Model



Heidi CP55-S Single-Side ID Card Printer                                   


Heidi CP55-D Dual-Side Card Printer


What are the best Heidi card printers?

When choosing the best Heidi card printer for your needs, it is essential to consider a few key factors. These include printer quality, computer system compatibility, and printing options. Additionally, it's important to consider price, brand, and customer service ratings when making your purchase.

What are the benefits of using a Heidi card printer?

If you're in the market for a card printer, then a Heidi card printer is a great choice. Compared to printing cards from your computer, printing them with a Heidi card printer is easier and faster. You don't need to install any software or drivers - just insert the cards into the printer and press print. The quality of prints is usually better because the printers are designed for higher volume use. In addition, there are also discounts available for customers who purchase their printers in bulk.

What is the warranty coverage for my Heidi card printer?

The warranty coverage for your Heidi card printer is one year from the date of purchase. During this time, you can get in touch with Heidi customer service to file a claim or ask any questions you may have. If there are any defects with the product, they will repair or replace it free of charge.

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BME Would like to Introduce Heidi ID Card Printer, Heidi is your all-in-one solution for identity card issuance, bundled with powerful printing features and upgradable options, and ribbons. Heidi is a high-speed direct-to-card printer built to deliver innovative imaging and excellent printing quality at a competitive cost per card. The modern dual-sided card printer Heidi CP55-D was built to effectively fulfill client requirements for a high-performance and easy-to-use card printer. Heidi CP55 is a high-speed direct-to-card printer built to deliver innovative imaging and excellent printing quality at competitive cost-per-card several models to choose from, there is an Evolis ID card printer available for every card printing application on the market needs of retailers businesses from SOHO/home to commercial use ShaWe do hope to be part of your success through our excellent product and service. Your contact is the beginning of success. We are an authorized Seller in Bangladesh and operating the business for the last 17 years in Bangladesh.


If you are looking for a high-quality and affordable Id card printer, then the Heidi card printer is a great option to consider. With its stylish design and user-friendly interface, this printer is perfect for printing professional-looking Id cards. In addition, its best feature is its affordability, making it a great choice for small businesses and individual users alike. Make sure to read our detailed review of the Heidi card printer to get all the information you need to make an informed decision