Pantum Printer Price in Bangladesh 

BME is an Pantum Single Function Printers and Multifunction Printers & Toner Cartridge Retailer & Wholesaler in Bangladesh. Also, Web Portal or E-commerce based Web-page. We are operating the business for the last 17 years in Bangladesh. we are proud presents a diversified and state-of-art product lineup, Buy the latest Pantum latest Technologices fast, Cost-effective & easy with superior reliability documents Printer with best Price in BD.

Not only is Pantum actively expanding its product offering in India's entry-level and mid-range segments, but also it seeks to complete a rapid color printing machine in Q4 with impressive speed of up to 20PPM - an astounding achievement for color printers that is sure to energize India's high-end printer market. Additionally, Pantum will launch a managed print service (MPS) that will allow the company to effectively tailor printing solutions for customers, enabling them to find the printer and printing service most suited to them. In Bangladesh the entry-level segment currently constitutes 95% of the overall printer market. For this segment, Pantum offers products that balance cost-effectiveness with durability and efficiency to create value for small & medium businesses, SOHOs, and individual customers. These products include the single-function P2200/P2500 series and multi-function (MFP) series, which covers the M6502, M6550, and M6608 series. Their features include: Printing speed of up to 20PPM for P2200 series and Printing speed of up to 22PPM for P2500 series and MFP series; Copying speed of up to 22CPM for the MFP series (ADF model); Low purchase and usage costs Sleek design and compact size; 1,600-page standard cartridges; Eco-friendly, all-in-one cartridges, lower CPP for users.

Meanwhile, for the mid-range market, Pantum continues to create differentiated products that integrate superior functions for seamless use. These products include the high-speed, single-function P3500 monochrome laser printer series and the multi-function M7102series. Moreover, the upcoming new model-P3302 series is expected to be on sale in September. Their features include: Printing speed of up to 33PPM for all series;Copying speed of up to 33CPM for the M7102 series;Auto-duplex printing to accelerate your work; Precise and pretty-printing of fine lines as narrow as 1 pixel wide; Separate toner cartridge and drum units for P3302 and M7102 series to lower CPP and reduce waste; P3500 series offer massive paper input up to 1410 pages (250 pages standard tray, 60 pages multipurpose tray, 550 pages X2 additional paper tray) and optional standard cartridge up to 10,000 pages that bring higher efficiency and lower CPP for users; Network connectivity available for all series and mobile printing available for P3302DW; Compared to the current models available in the market, Pantum printers are known for being cost-effective and easy to use without compromising on quality and efficiency, creating significant value for users. Pantum printers help customers work smart, identifying connection methods that can be used, such as USB, Network and Wi-Fi connections. Additionally, they offer one-step installation and can connect printers with PCs or mobile devices through a simple click, making printing, copying, and scanning more convenient than ever. The company's printers are built with a metal frame, which ensures durability and is less prone to wear. Pantum's high-capacity toner cartridges are economical, allowing users to enjoy lower single-page usage cost. The company has also partnered with the leading global IT and service supplier Wipro as its nationwide customer service representative to provide user-friendly on-site services.

The expert team of marketing professionals and Toshiba certified engineers ensure uncompromised customer service at both pre-sales and post-sales periods. Our distinguished clients include reputed companies from the Government, Semi-Government, Telecommunication, Pharmaceutical, Construction & Engineering, FMCG, Financial, Healthcare, Textiles, Transportation, Education Sector.