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Oki Printer Price in Bangladesh 2024

In the vibrant landscape of Bangladesh's printing solutions, Oki printers stand tall as versatile workhorses, catering to diverse needs with precision and reliability. As technology evolves rapidly, businesses and individuals alike seek printing solutions that combine efficiency with affordability, and Oki printers have emerged as a frontrunner in meeting these demands. With a keen focus on quality, performance, and innovation, Oki printers have carved a niche for themselves in the bustling market of Bangladesh.

Transitioning seamlessly from traditional printing methods to cutting-edge technologies, Oki printers offer a spectrum of features tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern consumers. Whether it's the crisp clarity of high-resolution prints or the swift execution of large-volume tasks, Oki printers excel across various domains. In a landscape where efficiency is paramount, Oki printers emerge as reliable allies, empowering businesses to streamline their operations and individuals to unleash their creativity without compromise.

Today, as we delve into the realm of Oki printers in Bangladesh, we embark on a journey to explore not just products but solutions. From understanding the intricate features that define these printers to uncovering the ideal fit for diverse work environments, this exploration aims to equip you with the insights needed to make informed decisions. Join us as we navigate through the dynamic world of Oki printers, where innovation meets functionality, and where every print tells a story of excellence.

Best 10 Trending Oki Printers in Bangladesh

Here's a curated list of the top 10 trending Oki printers currently making waves in the Bangladeshi market:

1. Oki C332dn LED Printer

Efficient LED technology for fast and reliable printing.

High-resolution output for vibrant color prints.

Compact design suitable for small office spaces.

2. Oki MB472dnw Multifunction Printer

All-in-one functionality with printing, scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities.

Wireless connectivity for convenient network integration.

Duplex printing and automatic document feeder for enhanced productivity.

3. Oki B512dn Monochrome Printer

High-speed monochrome printing for demanding work environments.

Large paper capacity and optional additional trays for increased efficiency.

Energy-saving features for reduced operational costs.

4. Oki C712dn Color Printer

Exceptional color printing quality for professional documents and marketing materials.

Versatile media handling options, including banner printing.

Advanced security features to protect sensitive data.

5. Oki MB562dnw Multifunction Printer

Robust multifunction capabilities for versatile office use.

Wireless and mobile printing capabilities for flexible connectivity.

Enhanced document management features for improved workflow efficiency.

6. Oki B840dn Monochrome Printer

High-volume monochrome printing with exceptional speed and reliability.

Extensive paper handling options for diverse printing needs.

Advanced security features to safeguard confidential documents.

7. Oki C612dn Color Printer

High-definition color printing for stunning graphics and images.

Fast print speeds and duplex printing for increased productivity.

Flexible media handling options for various print projects.

8. Oki MB760dn Multifunction Printer

Heavy-duty multifunction capabilities for demanding office environments.

Large touchscreen display for intuitive operation.

Advanced scanning features for efficient document management.

9. Oki C834dnw Color Printer

Wide-format color printing for posters, banners, and marketing materials.

High-capacity toner cartridges for extended print runs.

Network connectivity options for seamless integration into office networks.

10. Oki ES8473dn Multifunction Printer

Versatile multifunction capabilities with printing, scanning, copying, and faxing.

Large paper capacity and optional finisher for professional document finishing.

Energy-saving features to minimize environmental impact and reduce operating costs.

Features of Oki Printers

Oki printers are renowned for their exceptional features, designed to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses and individuals. Here's a closer look at the key features that set Oki printers apart:

High-Resolution Printing: Experience unparalleled clarity with Oki printers' high-resolution printing capabilities, delivering sharp text and vibrant images for professional-quality results.

Fast Printing Speeds: Boost your productivity with Oki printers' fast printing speeds, allowing you to print large volumes of documents quickly and efficiently.

Durability and Reliability: Built to withstand rigorous usage, Oki printers are engineered for durability and reliability, ensuring consistent performance even in demanding work environments.

Compatibility with Various Operating Systems: Whether you're using Windows, Mac, or Linux, Oki printers offer seamless compatibility with a wide range of operating systems, ensuring hassle-free integration into your existing setup.

Energy Efficiency Features: Reduce energy consumption and operating costs with Oki printers' energy-efficient features, such as sleep mode and automatic power-off, without compromising on performance.

Advanced Paper Handling Options: From standard paper sizes to envelopes, labels, and cardstock, Oki printers support a variety of media types and weights, providing versatility for your printing needs.

Network Connectivity Options: Stay connected and share resources across your network with Oki printers' comprehensive connectivity options, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and mobile printing capabilities.

Security Features: Protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access with Oki printers' advanced security features, such as secure printing, data encryption, and user authentication, ensuring peace of mind for your business.

Types of Oki Printers

Oki printers encompass a diverse range of types, each tailored to meet specific printing needs and preferences. Here's a detailed exploration of the main categories:

Laser Printers: Leveraging advanced laser technology, Oki laser printers deliver crisp, high-resolution prints with remarkable precision and speed. Ideal for offices and businesses with demanding printing requirements, these printers excel in producing text documents, reports, and presentations with professional-grade quality.

LED Printers: Oki LED printers offer similar performance to their laser counterparts but utilize light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to create images on the print drum. With fast warm-up times and precise toner placement, LED printers from Oki provide reliable printing solutions for businesses seeking efficient and cost-effective printing.

Multifunction Printers (MFPs): Combining the functionality of multiple devices into one, Oki multifunction printers (MFPs) streamline workflow by integrating printing, scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities. With intuitive interfaces and versatile connectivity options, these MFPs are indispensable tools for offices and workgroups looking to optimize productivity and space utilization.

Monochrome Printers: Oki monochrome printers specialize in printing black-and-white documents with exceptional clarity and efficiency. Perfect for environments where color printing is not required, such as administrative offices, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities, these printers offer fast printing speeds and cost-effective operation for text-centric applications.

Color Printers: Designed to make a lasting impression, Oki color printers produce vibrant, eye-catching prints that elevate marketing materials, presentations, and creative projects. With advanced color management features and superior print quality, these printers empower businesses to showcase their brand identity and stand out in a competitive marketplace.

High-Volume Printers: Engineered to handle heavy workloads with ease, Oki high-volume printers are equipped with robust components and innovative features to ensure reliable performance in demanding environments. From large-capacity paper trays to high-speed printing capabilities, these printers are the backbone of busy workgroups, departments, and production environments requiring consistent and efficient printing solutions.

Oki Printers for Work

When it comes to equipping your workplace with reliable printing solutions, Oki printers offer a diverse array of options tailored to meet the demands of various work environments. Here's how Oki printers excel in different professional settings:

Small Businesses: Oki printers provide small businesses with the tools they need to thrive in today's competitive landscape. With compact designs and versatile features, these printers fit seamlessly into limited office spaces while delivering high-quality prints and efficient performance. Whether it's printing marketing materials, invoices, or client proposals, Oki printers empower small businesses to make a big impact.

Large Enterprises: For large enterprises with expansive printing needs, Oki printers offer scalable solutions designed to handle high volumes of printing with ease. Equipped with advanced paper handling capabilities, network connectivity options, and robust security features, these printers are capable of meeting the rigorous demands of enterprise-level workflows while maintaining reliability and efficiency.

Specific Work Environments: Oki printers are tailored to meet the unique requirements of specific work environments, such as healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and government offices. With specialized features like HIPAA-compliant printing, secure document management, and user authentication, Oki printers ensure compliance with industry regulations and confidentiality standards while enhancing productivity and workflow efficiency.

Scalability for Growth: As businesses evolve and grow, Oki printers offer scalability options to accommodate changing needs and expanding workloads. Whether it's upgrading to a higher-capacity printer or integrating additional devices into a networked environment, Oki printers provide flexible solutions that can adapt to the evolving demands of a growing business, ensuring continuity and efficiency throughout the growth process.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Making the Final Purchase

Before committing to an Oki printer, delve into these essential considerations to guarantee a well-informed decision:

Printing Requirements: Scrutinize your printing demands comprehensively, encompassing the volume of output, the variety of documents, and the requisite print quality. Determine whether your operations necessitate vibrant color printing or if monochrome suffices for daily tasks.

Budget Considerations: Establish a realistic budgetary framework, encompassing not only the initial purchase cost but also ongoing expenses such as consumables and maintenance. Assess the long-term cost-effectiveness of different printer models to ensure financial sustainability.

Space Availability: Conduct a meticulous assessment of available space within your workspace to ascertain the optimal size and placement of the printer. Factor in considerations such as desk or floor space, proximity to power sources, and accessibility for maintenance tasks.

Compatibility with Existing Infrastructure: Ensure seamless integration of the Oki printer with your current hardware and software infrastructure. Verify compatibility with operating systems, network protocols, and software applications to minimize potential compatibility issues and streamline workflow efficiency.

Future Expansion Needs: Anticipate future growth and evolving printing requirements to select a printer that can adapt to your changing needs. Opt for models with scalability features such as expandable paper trays, memory upgrades, or compatibility with additional accessories to accommodate future expansion without significant disruptions.

Warranty and Support: Prioritize reliability and peace of mind by scrutinizing the warranty coverage and support options offered by Oki and the retailer. Evaluate the duration and extent of warranty coverage, including provisions for parts replacement and technical support. Consider investing in extended warranty plans or service agreements to safeguard against unforeseen issues and ensure prompt resolution of any issues that may arise.

Latest Oki Printer Price List in Bangladesh

 SL                                                                       Oki Printer Model List  Price in BD  
  1 OKI C650dn A4 Colour LED Laser Printer    ৳,00
  2 OKI C824n A3 Colour LED Laser Printer    ৳,00
  3 OKI B432dn Monochrome Laser Printer    ৳,00
  4 OKI B512dn A4 45ppm Mono LED Laser Printer    ৳36,996
  5 OKI B412dn Workgroup Monochrome Laser Printer    ৳,00
  6 OKI MC883dn A3 Colour Multifunction LED Laser Printer                                                                                      ৳,00

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FAQs About  the OKI Printer

What is the warranty coverage for Oki printers purchased from

All Oki printers purchased from come with a comprehensive warranty that covers manufacturing defects and malfunctions. Please refer to the specific warranty terms for each product for detailed coverage information.

Can I get assistance with installation and setup for my Oki printer?

Yes, our customer support team at is available to assist you with the installation and setup of your Oki printer. Simply reach out to us for guidance, and we'll ensure a smooth and hassle-free setup process.

Are there any additional costs associated with purchasing an Oki printer from

The price you see listed on for Oki printers is inclusive of all applicable taxes and fees. There are no hidden costs, and you can enjoy transparent pricing without any surprises.

Can I return or exchange my Oki printer if I'm not satisfied with it?

Yes, offers a hassle-free return and exchange policy for Oki printers within a specified period. Please review our return policy for details on eligibility criteria and procedures.

Are Oki printers compatible with my existing computer system and software?

Oki printers are designed to be compatible with a wide range of computer systems and software applications. However, we recommend verifying compatibility with your specific setup before making a purchase. Feel free to contact our customer support team for assistance in determining compatibility.


In conclusion, Oki printers from offer a winning combination of performance, reliability, and affordability, making them the ideal choice for businesses and individuals alike. With a diverse range of models catering to various printing needs, you can find the perfect Oki printer to suit your requirements and budget. From high-speed monochrome printers to vibrant color MFPs, provides a comprehensive selection to meet every printing demand.

Transitioning from exploration to decision-making, empowers you to make an informed choice with confidence. With competitive pricing, reliable warranty coverage, and exceptional customer support, purchasing your Oki printer from ensures a seamless shopping experience from start to finish. Say goodbye to printing woes and hello to efficiency and quality with Oki printers from

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