Toshiba POS Receipt Printers Retail is a fast-paced environment where speed, clarity and reliability are key contributors to customer service which differentiates one retailer from another. Therefore, a printer that consistently delivers receipts that are crisp within a minimal timeframe can make a significant difference in customer satisfaction. becouse toshiba have Reliability, Paper reduction mode helps reduce paper use by over 30%, Designed to reduce the likelihood of paper jams with a paper sensor design that is immune to debris, Spring-assisted, one-button push mechanism makes loading paper simple, Easy-to-replace thermal print head, main card and interface adapters make self-maintenance smoother and simpler From receipts to tags to barcode shipping labels and everything in between, we’ve perfected the art of providing the right tools for your business. Ready to go when you are. The TCx Single Station POS receipt printer is designed to work at top speed and endure demanding retail environments, so you can get the most out of your store’s working hours.A high-performing printing solution that is easy to configure, install and manage.

Edison Group conducted research and a series of tests comparing Single Station Point-of-Sale (POS) printers, namely, Toshiba TCx™ Printer 1 Station (6145-1TN) vs. Epson (TM-T88VI) focusing on four categories, namely performance, economy, architecture and serviceability as they are the main considerations when purchasing a POS printer for retail the categories where live tests were not possible, research was conducted gathering and comparing manufacturer published printer specifications and third-party (Energy Star for example) documentation. Within each of the categories, several criterion were identified and assigned a point value based on importance and complexity. After all of the points were assigned, Toshiba was clearly the better choice.