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We provide Printer Ink Cartridge in Bangladesh. BME Company is one of the best Printer Ink Cartridge provider companies in Bangladesh. We supply high brands Printer Ink Cartridge in Bangladesh. For example,  Deli Printer Ink Cartridge, HP Printer Ink Cartridge, Epson Printer Ink Cartridge, etc. Ink Cartridge Printing Specifies the material used for inkjet printers (including inkjet type multifunction machines) to store ink and finally complete printing. Ink cartridges play an important role in complete inkjet printers, especially for some low printers, which have already reached the cost of 2 cartridges of ink = 1 printer. Therefore, when purchasing a printer, you must consider the condition of the ink cartridge.

About of Printer Ink Cartridge

Fill Printer Ink Usage Thermal Ribbon Labels Rolls & Ribbon Cartridge General Print Printing. According to the color base, dye-based ink is also the ink used in most inkjet printers. Thermal Ribbon Labels Rolls & Ribbon Cartridge based on pigment. According to the solvent: Ink, water, and water-soluble solvent are the main constituents of the dissolved chromosphere. Lubricating ink using a water-soluble solvent as the main ingredient in the oily chromophores. They cross each other during actual use. For example, some pigment inks can be aqueous ink or oily ink. However, in terms of nature and the actual requirements of the printer, water-based ink and oil-based inks do not allow mixing in the same printing machine. The shelf life of the ink is usually two years. The ceiling is required to avoid direct sunlight to store ink, and the temperature should not be too high or too low (maybe normal room temperature).  

Thermal transfer printers require thermal transfer ribbons in order to print a label or receipt. As the name implies, these printers work by using the heat transfer of the wax/resin film onto the surface of the label. The printing process is very fast and permanent and produces a clean clear image every time. The wax or resin ribbon used in thermal printing dries very quickly and is very durable. Though having to purchase thermal ribbons may seem like an extra or unnecessary cost, the technology used in thermal printing makes up for it with its overall efficiency and ability to produce high-quality imagery which is needed for industrial, distribution, product and bar coding applications. Our wax/resin formulation is a much higher quality product than most wax ribbons on the market for the same or lower price in Bangladesh

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