ASTHA BioScan BS-101 Fingerprint Scanner

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Brand: Astha
Model: BioScan BS-101
  • Image Quality: High Image Quality
  • Correction: Support Auto Correction
  • OS Support: Android Windows & Linux
  • Authentication: 360 degree rotation authentication
  • Strong Adaption: Dry moist & Rough fingerprints
  • International Standard: ISO, ANSI and WSQ

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Cash Discount Price: ৳ 7,500.00

Model BioScan BS-101
CPU / Possessor 150MHz,1M Bits
Flash Memory 128KB SRAM
Capture Mode Capacities Touch
Sensor size 10.4mm x 14.4mm
Imaging Area 208*288 pixel
Image Resolution 508 DPI
Fingerprint capacity 500-1000 (3000pcs maximum)
Interface USB2.0 USB ( Connect with Other Device Directly )
Working Temperature -10℃ ~ +70℃
Working Humidity (RH) 20%– 80%
Power Supply Voltage: DC5V±10% & Current: <120ma

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