DORS 135 Ultraviolet Counterfeit Detector

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Brand: Dors
Model: DORS 135
  • Powerful UV-light source (total capacity12 W).
  • Special slot in a rear panel for placement of large documents.
  • Dark colour of the inner part of a detector guarantees absence of light flares in bright room.
  • Wide viewing area with the measuring scale for the simple control in the white transmitted light

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Brand DORS
Model DORS 135
Top Lighting 2 UV bulbs 6W (365nm) White light (daylight LED)
Total power of UV Source 12W
Bottom Lighting 1 DL bulb 6W
Measuring Scale on the backlighted viewing area
Connectors for DORS 10 and 15 2 jacks
UV Types of control Yes
Reflected white light of control No
Transmitted white light of control Yes
Size control Yes
Magnification Reflected oblique white control with magnification 10х
Magnetic & IR control Yes
Power supply 220V ~ 50Hz
Dimensions, (WхDхH) 266х131х131mm
Weight no more than 0,91kg (depending on the model)

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