ASTHA Access Control Systems Available with Best Comparative Price in BD

Biometric, FingerPrints, RFID Card & Advanced Technology Face Recognition/Detection or Face Reader Access Control Systems have become the digital signatures to the attendance of all employees all over the world in the full spectrum of industries irrespective of ASTHA brands. the Intelligent Time Attendance Machine with Face Recognition Advanced Access Control system ASTHA is unique face recognition access control system from Hongkong e Technology leader in the Time Attendance and Access Control System.This Face & Fingerprint Time Attendance System ASTHA Latest in the series for face recognition device with Body Temperature Measurements System. ASTHA is multi-biometric identification Time Attendance and Access control is integrated with high speed multi bio processor. All operation of ASTHA are designed to be performed on the Touch Screen.

In Bangladesh, the culture of using this sophisticated device is increasing due to the up-gradation & automation of the firms along with concern of the security issue. We have many types such as time attendance, magnetic door lock, card & finger print enabled and Terminal system for providing the security. All these quality features are available in popular brands. The best time and attendance systems are simple to implement and manage. Time and attendance systems lets you track employee hours and manage pay—which is crucial for every business. Your employees will always be compensated appropriately for their work while eliminating bottlenecks in payroll. That’s why good time and attendance systems integrate popular online payroll services. If your current system is inaccurate or outdated, you could be costing your business tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. So if you need an updated time system, you’ve come to the right place. No matter what type of business you have or what industry you’re in, this guide will help you find the best time tracking and attendance system for your company. This the device that restricts from consuming, entering, or using certain places or resources. There are different types that are commonly used by the organizations for the management of human resource. Usually thermal finger print or cards are being used for the authentication of an entrance of any authorized personnel.

we are ensure proper installation with relevant software for your convenience and the after-sale support for further issues that might occur while using. You can trust our products without any hesitation and purchase at lowest price of the market. Online purchase from our site will make your desired device available any place in Bangladesh.