ASTHA Baggage Scanner, Metal Detector, Vehicle Inspection Importer Wholesaler and Supplier in Bangladesh. Whether it be airport security officials, border patrol officials, security from government buildings, or security from sporting and venue events, bags, suitcases, packages, and more are inspected each day to make certain that neither contains threatening weapons or explosive elements. In order to provide top of the line safety and security to airports, venues, government buildings, etc, high-grade security screening equipment is a great necessity. Get details of security equipment, electronic security equipment, intelligence equipment, automatic doors, security guard equipmen. our excellent manufacturer provides all types of security solutions like X-ray Baggage Scanner, Metal Detector, Under Vehicle Inspection System and other security products.

Baggage Scanners x-ray scanner Systems anticipates the unique needs of each application and provides X-ray solutions for the most difficult baggage and parcel inspection environments. Security solutions for aviation incorporate automated explosives detection for higher throughput at checkpoints. Our rugged, weatherproof X-ray screening products provide inclusive environment screening for military, stadiums, and event security. Our highly mobile, visually unobtrusive products provide checkpoint screening for hotels and cruise lines. In addition, x ray machine Systems provides training and advanced technologies to complement our X-ray baggage Scanner machine products and provide comprehensive security solutions for now and into the future.