Everything Know Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer to combat coronavirus in BD

ASTHA wall mounted hand sanitizing digital signage kiosk. This device features an internal auto-dispenser that can provide gel, foam or liquid sanitizer as well as a metal closing with an integrated commercial grade 21.5-inch display offer advertisements, messages, videos, new feeds, social media feeds, health information and other content to customers as they wash their hands. It also comes in touchscreen and non-touchscreen variants. Hand sanitizer digital signage systems feature a sturdy metal enclosing and an integrated commercial grade 21.5” digital sign. Hand sanitizer digital signs come with a built-in hand sanitizer dispenser that supports gel, foam, or liquid sanitizer.

Now Every industry and vertical has been searching for ways to both combat COVID-19 and stay healthy during the coronavirus outbreak. One obvious solution is to have better available sanitation policies so employees and customers alike can stay safe. Digital signage vendors are rolling out multiple solutions to help.

While some are giving away remote corporate communication tools for businesses and schools to stay connected, others are delivering health tips to their displays to keep the general public informed. One company in particular has developed a solution that combines digital signage with a hand sanitizer dispenser. Digital Signage Today spoke with Chad Bogan, director of sales and marketing for NoviSign to learn more about these digital signage kiosks and how they are helping businesses and customers alike.

On top of the sanitizer are printed static signs that feature advertisements or information about a company or organization that is sponsoring or paying to display their advertisement. It is widely used in office areas, hotels, aisles, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, communities, public services, and management projects place.