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Welcome to the revolutionary world of Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Display technology. As a blend of interactive display systems with multi-touch functionalities, these advanced tools are rapidly gaining popularity for their ability to offer an immersive experience. In Bangladesh, the trend towards these innovative touchscreen displays is on the rise, fuelled by advancements in technology and increasing demand across various sectors including education, business, and retail.

How Much Does a Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Display Cost in Bangladesh?

Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Displays are an investment with prices varying significantly based on factors such as size, brand, and features. On average, you can expect to find these advanced interactive displays ranging from BDT 50,000 for basic models to well over BDT 200,000 for top-tier, feature-packed options.

The price of a Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Display can increase based on:

  • Size: Larger displays with more screen real estate typically cost more.

  • Brand: Established brands with a reputation for quality and service often charge a premium.

  • Features: Additional functionalities like high-resolution, advanced touch recognition, and connectivity options can add to the cost.

Factors Affecting the Price of Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Displays

When shopping for a Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Display, you'll notice a broad range of prices. The cost is not arbitrary; several key factors affect the final price tag:

Size: Generally, larger displays come with a higher price tag. More screen real estate often translates into higher manufacturing costs and therefore a higher retail price.

Brand: Renowned brands are associated with reliability and quality assurance, thus often demanding a higher price. These brands invest significantly in research and development, ensuring you get top-notch, durable products.

Features: As the complexity of features increases, so does the cost. Aspects such as resolution quality, touch sensitivity, response time, additional ports, and the underlying technology used to enable multi-touch are crucial determinants.

Type of Display: There are different types of touch screen technologies - resistive, capacitive, infrared, and optical imaging, to name a few. The kind of technology employed significantly influences the price.

Supply and Demand: Like any other product, the principles of supply and demand apply to Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Displays. High demand or limited supply may inflate the price.

Top Brands for Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Displays in Bangladesh

Several brands have carved a niche in the Bangladeshi market for Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Displays:

ASTHA: Known for their Smart Board series, they offer high-quality interactive displays.

Riotouch: They offer the ActivPanel series with outstanding touch recognition capabilities.

BenQ: They provide interactive flat panels renowned for their high-resolution displays and durable design.

LG: Their AQUOS BOARD Interactive Display Systems are highly rated in the market.

Types of Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Displays

Various types of interactive touch screens cater to different needs and budgets:

Resistive Displays: These are the most common and affordable types, suitable for simple interactions. They work by registering pressure applied to the screen surface.

Capacitive Displays: These are more responsive and offer a smoother user experience but come at a higher cost. They work by sensing the conductive properties of an object, like your finger.

Infrared Displays: They offer superior image quality and can detect multiple touch points. However, they're more expensive.

Optical Imaging Displays: These are advanced systems capable of detecting multiple touch points with high precision. They're ideal for complex tasks but are relatively more expensive.

By understanding these factors, brands, and types, you can make an informed decision when purchasing a Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Display. You'll be better equipped to navigate the options and choose a model that offers the best balance of cost and features for your needs.

Choosing the Right Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Display

The selection of a Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Display must be strategic and tailored to your specific needs. Here are a few aspects to consider:

Determine Your Needs: First, establish the primary purpose for your new touchscreen display. Are you looking to upgrade a business conference room, enhance a retail shopping experience, or elevate an educational setting? Your specific application will inform your choice.

Choose the Right Size: Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Displays come in various sizes. The right size for you will depend on your space and audience size. For instance, a large conference room or classroom might benefit from a larger screen.

Evaluate the Features: Pay close attention to features such as resolution, touch sensitivity, and response time. Also, consider added features like integrated speakers or webcam for video conferencing.

Decide on the Type: As discussed previously, there are various types of touchscreen displays (resistive, capacitive, infrared, optical imaging) each offering different advantages. Choose a type that best suits your needs and budget.

Consider the Brand: Some brands have better reputations than others when it comes to reliability, customer support, and warranty policies. Researching reviews can be helpful here.

Why Buy a Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Display?

The rising popularity of Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Displays is not without reason. Here's why investing in one can be advantageous:

Enhanced Engagement: Touchscreen displays can encourage active participation and engagement, making them excellent for educational and business settings.

Improved Accessibility: Touch screens are intuitive and user-friendly, making technology more accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

Increased Efficiency: Multi-touch capabilities allow multiple users or inputs at once, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

Versatility: From presentations and video conferences to interactive lessons and retail displays, these screens can be used in a variety of applications.

Future-proofing: As the world continues to embrace digital transformation, having a Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Display helps you stay current and relevant in the technology landscape.

Choosing to invest in a Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Display can greatly enhance how you interact with technology. Whether for business, education, or personal use, the benefits of ease of use, engagement, and efficiency make it a worthwhile investment.

Where to Buy a Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Display

After considering your needs, features, brand preference, and budget, the next step is choosing where to make your purchase. In Bangladesh, is a premier platform offering an extensive range of Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Displays.

As a trusted seller, stands out for several reasons:

Variety: They stock a wide variety of brands and models to cater to different needs and budgets.

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Competitive Pricing at

Price is an essential factor when investing in a Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Display. When comparing prices across various platforms, you'll find that stands out for its competitive pricing strategy.

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Choosing for your Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Display needs not only to give you access to a wide range of products from trusted brands but also to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Top 10 Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Displays


Best Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Displays Models Lists

Price BDT


ASTHA TS85c Multi Interactive Touch Screen



Riotouch LT65 IR Touch Interactive Flat Panel



Riotouch LT75 IR Touch Interactive Flat Panel Display



BenQ RM6502S 4K UHD 65” Interactive Flat Panel Display



LG 75"TR3DK 4K UHD Digital Signage Interactive LED Display



LG CreateBoard 65TR3PJ UHD IR Interactive LED Display



BenQ RP7502 75" 4K UHD Interactive Flat Panel Display



LG CreateBoard 86TR3PJ UHD IR Interactive Touch Digital Board                                                   



BenQ RP8602 86" 4K UHD Interactive Flat Panel Display



ViewSonic IFP8650-3 86" 4K Interactive LED Display


Interactive Touch Screen Display & Whiteboards Best Price in Bangladesh

What is an Interactive Display?

An interactive screen is a computer-driven device, that allows users to access and manipulate electronic files by means of an LCD display. The interactive LCD will be connected to a computer with USB, and the computer then be connected back to the LCD with a video cable. These screens serve a variety of functions and are capable of many different things. First and foremost, would be the creation of interactivity with your computer files.

An interactive whiteboard is a piece of hardware that looks much like a standard whiteboard, but it connects to a computer and a projector in the classroom to make a very powerful tool. When connected, the interactive whiteboard becomes a giant, touch-sensitive version of a computer screen. Instead of using the mouse, you can control your computer through the interactive whiteboard screen just by touching it with a special pen (or on some types of boards, with your finger). Anything that can be accessed from your computer can be accessed and displayed on the interactive whiteboard. For example, you can easily display Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, photographs, websites, or online materials.

What Advantages Do Interactive LED Displays Offer Over Traditional Whiteboards?

You no longer have to purchase expensive projector lamps and experience unexpected burnouts. Shadowing on a projected image is eliminated. The projector light shining in the user's eyes is eliminated. Maintenance to change filters on a projector was eliminated. Much cleaner and crisp image than a projector is capable of producing. The display will not be washed out by the sun or ambient light. Less wiring than a traditional interactive system. Many units are available with an optional built-in PC. This makes a true "All in One" system. More durable surface than traditional whiteboards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Display?

A Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Display is a screen that can recognize multiple points of contact simultaneously. This allows multiple users to interact with the screen or a single user to perform complex gestures such as pinch to zoom.

How do I choose the right Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Display?

Your choice depends on your needs and budget. Consider the size, features, brand, and type of display. Evaluate how and where you'll be using it, as well as the brand's reputation for quality and customer service.

What are the benefits of a Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Display?

These displays enhance engagement and make technology more accessible. They allow for multiple users or inputs simultaneously, increasing collaboration and efficiency. They're versatile and can be used in various settings, including businesses, classrooms, and retail environments.

Is investing in a Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Display worth it?

Yes, it can be a worthwhile investment, especially if you're looking to enhance interactivity in a business or educational environment. These displays can make learning or collaboration more engaging and effective.

Why should I buy a Multi-Interactive Touch Screen Display from offers a wide variety of brands and models, ensuring customers receive authentic products at competitive prices. They also provide excellent customer support, secure transactions, and reliable delivery across Bangladesh.