Riotouch Multi-Interactive Display Price in Bangladesh


Riotouch is a professional all-in-one machine manufacturer and supplier, mainly producing 55-65-75-86-100 inch, multimedia teaching equipment, conference touch all-in-one machine, conference tablet, multimedia teaching all-in-one machine, touch query all-in-one machine, Brand manufacturer of infrared, capacitive touch screen all-in-one machine, nano-intelligent mobile blackboard all-in-one machine, touch display screen"

The whiteboard supports object recognition that can differentiate your finger, stylus, and palm, then react as a marker, thin pen, or eraser. Interact with the whole group LT Series supports up to 20 points of touch, allowing multiple users to interact at the same time. With smooth and responsive touch, anyone can take notes, write and draw on the screen, making the classroom a truly collaborative space. ll in one touch screen monitor is an interactive TV, it built-in with LED and touch screen (and PC for optional). We use the most popular technology infrared touch to achieve interaction between users and the monitor; It is also a LED interactive whiteboard without projector, using the LED to instead of the projector for image presentation; Connect with built-in or outer PC, it is a large touch PC, fingers to control and operate the PC to present advertisement, conference PPT, classroom courses, play movies and etc.

4K UHD | Android 11.0 2+16GB | Anti-glare Glass  Front USB C (Option) | 3mm&8mm Dual PensTouch Built-in Camera (Option) | Control keys/Speakers. Interactive Smart Blackboard Capacitive Central Touch Screen Recordable and Intelligent Recognized Handwriting,Save at Local or Share via QR Code With Fast Access Hotkeys Interaction made easy LT Series brings efficiency to your classes and teams so you can interact with ease, anytime. With a lightweight slim frame design, Windows system and built-in OS support,embedded tools and a personalized user interface, it’s the perfect solution to seamless collaboration in school and in the office.

  • Scalability: Choose the right size for your collaborative space with displays in 65”, 75” and 86”.
  • Diverse Connectivity: Connect with a variety of I/O ports, including 3 HDMI ports, a display port, and a VGA port.
  • Intelligent Touch: Object recognition differentiates between a finger, stylus and palm to react as a marker, pen or eraser.
  • Go Wireless: E-Share or Trans-screen lets you connect your own device and cast any screen onto the display. 5/Win/ iOS/ Android
  • Win/ iOS/ Android: No matter what device you use, MAC, iOS, Windows, or Android, the OS will be compatible.
  • Annotation: Instant digital discussion board and on-screen annotation tool. Never let a single idea slip away.
  • Personalized UI: Add your favorite software from the on-board PC, external devices, or file folders as shortcuts.
  • Slim Frame Design: The thin and lightweight panel is designed for easy and hassle-free installation.5/Win/ iOS/ Android