Find us a Ideal Projector Screen with Best Price in Bangladesh

The projection screen should reflect the image from the projector ensuring that the viewing is not compromised. A projector screen is a surface that can hold the light and is used to display the image produced by a projector. It is usually made of thin PVC sheets. The PVC sheet can be glossy/matte depending on the user’s requirements. Projector screens are not compulsory for a projector. You can also use any white surface for projection. But for the best picture quality you must use a projector screen. Some people think that projector screen is only used for decorating the presentation environment. 

They provide a nice surface for you to use your projector on, and in some cases can favorably rival a TV screen in quality. When it comes to selecting the best projector screens, From brightness and picture clarity to automation, viewing angle and more, we break down this year's best projector screens size, portability, and the material the screen is made of. The biggest screens aren’t always the best, as you need the screen to fit into whatever space you plan to use it in. There are more models on the market than you might realize, so we’ve Manual Wall / Ceiling Screen, Motorized / Electric Screen, Floor Pull Screen, Fixed Frame Screen, Fast Fold Screen, Table Top Screen, Mini Folding Screen, Wide Projector Screens, Portable Entertainment Projectors, Portable Projector Screens, HD Projection Products, Clearance in Projectors & Screens, Home Theatre Screens, Portable Projectors, Outdoor Projection Screens, TV Projectors, Large Projector Screens, TV Projector Screens, Projection Screens, Duet Ultra Portable Projector Screen, Desktop screen, Electric Projector Lift, Electric Projection Screen, Fast Fold Screen, Frame Projection Screen, Manual Projection Screen, Pull Up Screen, Tab-Tension Screen, Tripod Projection Screen, In-ceiling Electric Screen, Square Case Electric Screen, Square Case Manual Screen, Short Throw Projector Mount, Round Tube Ceiling Mount, Square, Tube Ceiling Mount of the best projector screens for every preference and budget. 

We provide a wide range of motorized, manual, fixed, and portable screens for front and rear projection. Small spaces, huge venues, brightly-lit conference centers, residential home theatres, mission-critical control centers, and medical imaging—whatever installation or ambient environment challenges you face, we have a solution.

Choose Your Mounting Method:

Fixed Projection Screens: These screens are mounted to a wall or vertical structure.

Ceiling-Recessed Projection Screens: These screens are installed into a pocket or recess in the ceiling and include a trim flange for a finished appearance. Ceiling recessed screens can be either motorized or manually operated.

Surface Mounted on Wall or Ceiling: These screens are installed onto the surface of a wall or ceiling. Surface mounted screens can be either motorized or manually operated.

Free-Standing and Portable Projection Screens: These screens stand on their own legs, and are portable by design.

Flown Projection Screens and Solutions: These screens are designed to be flown or suspended from above. In addition to screens, the agile Acrobat motorized lift is available to facilitate flying screens and more.


We Know Projection! We've been selling projectors and screens for years and you can rest assured that when you speak with one of our agents that you are speaking with someone who really understands projectors, screens and the nuances of putting together a two-piece projection system.We are a small, family owned business and can provide a level of expertise and service that big-box stores and large corporations don't. We care about our customers and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.