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................Television Buying Guide.............


Choosing Your Perfect Television:

We understand choosing the perfect set can be complicated. Let us help bring the enjoyment of TV back to your home so you can fall in love with watching TV again.

Choosing the Right Size Screen:

When it comes to choosing the right TV, size matters. Use our useful calculator below to find the best fit for your room. A larger screen will give you the most immersive experience and with our sleek designs there’s no need to compromise your space.

 Viewing Distance


1-2 m


2-3 m


3-4 m


More than 4m




Understanding Resolutions and Screen Technology:

                        OLED Ultra HD Full HD HD Ready
HD TV’s are LED screens with a backlight, OLED features self-illuminating pixels that are switched on and off individually. This means you get deeper levels of black and a fuller viewing angle giving a very realistic image.

Ultra HD is more commonly referred to as 4K and gives you 4x the resolution of Full HD. All our 4K TV’s are certified Ultra HD Premium, meaning every pixel is fully coloured for a truly life-like picture.

Full HD gives up to 1080p which increases the number of pixels per inch compared to HD Ready for enhanced image clarity and superb quality streaming. HD Ready gives you 720p. This number helps you understand how many pixels your screen is capable of. The majority of TV’s are now HD Ready, this gives you a good viewing experience – ideal for smaller rooms such as bedrooms and kitchens.


Understanding Picture Enhancement:

                High Dynamic Range TRU Micro Dimming Wide Color Gamut
High Dynamic Range enhances colour contrast, making blacks darker & whites brigter. TRU Micro Dimming improves contrast, focusing on all the Differnt regions of the Image. More Colours for a more life-like picture, so whatever you're watching we make sure it looks its best.


Understanding Smart TV:

Smart TV has come a long way from just being about apps that let you watch the latest movies and TV shows, you can now control your TV with just your voice – everything from turning the volume up or down to changing channels and finding content. Plus, with our Android and Toshiba Connect ranges you can explore more, whether you want to check the weather, search recipes or play your favourite music. Simply choose between Alexa or Google Assistant. 


  • Smart TV 
  • Android TV

Understanding Sound & Soundbars:

All our 4K TV’s come with speakers designed by Onkyo and Dolby Audio Processing for a rich, clear and powerful sound. But if you want a little extra we have a range of soundbars to perfectly compliment your TV.