Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM Duplex Mono Copier Machine

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e-Studio 2323AM
  • Function: A3 Copy, Print & Scan
  • Copy/Print Speed: Up to 23 cpm/ppm
  • RAM: 512MB, Processor: ARM9 360MHz
  • Paper Capacity: Standard 1x 250 + 100 Sheet
  • Printer & Scanner: Duplex Network Printing & USB Color Scanning

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General Features:
Model e-Studio 2323AM
Country of Origin Japan
Country of Manufacture China
Type Desktop, Small Workgroup
Functions Monochrome Copy, Print & Colour Scan
Imaging Principle Indirect Electrostatic Photographic Method
Warm-Up Time Approx. 15 sec.
Memory 512MB
Processor ARM9 360MHz
Standard Interface USB2.0, 10/100baseT
Duplexing Yes, Standard
Dimension (W × D × H) 575×540×402 mm
Power Consumption ≤1.5KW (220-240V)
Weight Approx. 25.5 kg / 56.2 lbs
Copying Features:
Copy Speed 23 cpm
First Copy Out Time 6.4 sec. (A4) / 6.5 sec (LT)
Coping Resolution 2,400 × 600 dpi (with smoothing)
Multiple Copy Up to 999
Printing Features:
Print Speed 23 ppm
Print Resolution 600 × 600 dpi, 2,400 × 600 dpi (with smoothing)
Scan Features:
Max. Scan Speed Color: 24 spm (200dpi); B & W: 25 spm (if Used RADF)
Data Format TIFF, PDF, JPEG
Scan to USB/ Mobile Yes
Scan Protocol SMB
Paper Handling Features:
Maximum Paper Sizes A3 to A5-R
Standard Input Paper Capacity 350 Sheets ( Tray: 250 pages + Bypass: 100 pages)
Available Paper Weight Tray: 64-80g/m2 & Bypass: 52-216g/m2
Standard Paper Path 02 Path (Frist Tray + Bypass)
Security Features:
Standard Security Department Code
Warranty Information:
Warranty 01 Year Service Warranty (No Parts Warranty)
Supplies Information:
Toner Cartridge T-2323C


Buy Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM Monochrome Duplex Copier Machine Price in Bangladesh

The Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM is a versatile and efficient copier machine that offers a range of features including monochrome copying, printing, and color scanning. In Bangladesh, the Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM is priced competitively to offer great value for its robust set of features. The machine is available at a cash price of ৳59,500.00 and a regular price of ৳67,500.00. With options for EMI payments, this all-in-one solution is accessible for both home offices and small businesses looking to enhance their workflow and productivity.

Are you tired of dealing with slow and unreliable copier machines in your office? If you're in Bangladesh, you're in luck. Meet the Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM, a game-changer in the realm of office equipment. This state-of-the-art machine is not just a copier; it's a comprehensive solution for all your monochrome copying, printing, and color scanning needs. 

Designed with efficiency and reliability in mind, the Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM is here to streamline your workflow and elevate your productivity. Say goodbye to long queues at the copier and say hello to unparalleled performance.

With this introduction, you're already on the right path to understanding why the Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM is making waves in offices across Bangladesh. Stay tuned to discover its remarkable features, pricing details, and much more.

Key Features Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM in Bangladesh

Monochrome Copy, Print & Colour Scan

The Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM is not just a copier; it's an all-in-one solution. Whether you need to make quick black-and-white copies, print important documents, or scan in full color, this machine has got you covered. The monochrome copy and print feature ensures high-quality output, while the color scan function allows for easy digitization of documents.

Indirect Electrostatic Photographic Method

This advanced imaging technology ensures that each copy and print is of the highest quality, capturing every detail and offering clarity that is second to none. Say goodbye to faded or unclear copies.

Duplexing as Standard

The built-in duplexing feature is a paper-saver and a time-saver. It allows for easy double-sided printing, reducing paper usage and making your office more eco-friendly.

ARM9 360MHz Processor

The robust ARM9 360MHz processor ensures that the machine can handle multiple tasks efficiently. Whether you're copying, printing, or scanning, you can expect quick and seamless operations.

USB2.0, 10/100baseT Interface

Connectivity is a breeze with the Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM. The machine comes equipped with a USB2.0 and 10/100baseT interface, allowing for easy integration into your existing office setup.

4 Benefits of Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM Duplex Copier Machine

Fast Warm-Up Time:
Get started in no time with a warm-up time of approximately 15 seconds.

High-Quality Resolution:
Enjoy crisp and clear documents with a copying and printing resolution of up to 2,400 x 600 dpi.

Versatile Paper Handling:
With a standard input paper capacity of 350 sheets, the machine can handle a variety of paper sizes and weights.

Secure Department Code Feature:
Keep your documents secure with the standard department code feature, allowing for restricted access.

User Application of Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM

Given its compact size and versatile functionality, the Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM is ideal for both offices and small businesses. Its quick warm-up time and high-quality resolution make it a reliable choice for fast-paced work environments. Moreover, the Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM price is quite competitive, offering great value for the features it provides.

Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM Usage Guidance 

Setting up and using the Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM is a straightforward process:

Initial Setup: Unbox the machine and place it on a stable surface. Connect it to a power source and turn it on.

Interface Connection: Use the USB 2.0 or 10/100baseT interface to connect the machine to your computer or network.

Driver Installation: Install the necessary drivers on your computer. You can usually find these on the Toshiba website or via a provided CD.

Paper Loading: Open the paper tray and load it with the appropriate paper size and type.

Basic Operations: Use the control panel to select the function you want to use (copy, print, or scan) and follow the on-screen instructions.

Why the Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM is Worth the Price

When considering the Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM price, it's important to look at the comprehensive set of features and benefits it offers. From its advanced imaging technology to its robust processor and versatile paper handling, this machine is a worthy investment for any office in Bangladesh.

Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM Pricing and Availability in BME

When it comes to making an investment in a reliable and efficient copier machine, pricing is often a significant factor. In this section, we'll break down the Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM price in Bangladesh and discuss its availability, so you can make an informed decision.

Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM Price in Bangladesh

The Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM is competitively priced to offer you the best value for your money. Here are the pricing details:

Cash Price: ৳61,500.00

Regular Price: ৳67,500.00

Discounts and Offers

As of now, there are no ongoing promotions or discounts on the Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM. However, EMI options are available, making it easier for you to own this state-of-the-art machine without breaking the bank. Keep an eye out for seasonal promotions or special offers that may come up in the future.

Stock and Delivery

The Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM is currently in stock and available for immediate delivery. The expected delivery time varies depending on your location within Bangladesh, but you can generally expect your machine to arrive within 3-5 business days.

FAQs About of Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM Duplex Copier Machine

How to set up the machine?

Setting up the Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM is straightforward. After unboxing, connect it to a power source and turn it on. Use the USB 2.0 or 10/100baseT interface to connect it to your computer or network. Install the necessary drivers, and you're good to go.

What is the warranty period?

The Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM comes with a 1-year service warranty. Please note that this does not cover parts.

What are the shipping and return policies?

The machine is available for immediate delivery, with an expected arrival time of 3-5 business days within Bangladesh. For returns, please consult the specific return policy where you made the purchase.

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Final Encouragement

As we wrap up this comprehensive guide, let's revisit why the Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM is the ultimate solution for your office needs in Bangladesh. With its versatile functionality, including monochrome copying, printing, and color scanning, this machine is designed to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity. Its advanced features, such as the Indirect Electrostatic Photographic Method and built-in duplexing, offer unparalleled quality and efficiency.

Considering the Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM price in Bangladesh, this machine offers exceptional value for its robust feature set. Whether you're running an office or a small business, this is a worthy investment that promises to meet and exceed your expectations.

What is the price of Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM Duplex Mono Copier Machine in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM Duplex Mono Copier Machine in Bangladesh is ৳58,500.00 . You can buy the Toshiba e-Studio 2323AM Duplex Mono Copier Machine at best price from BME ONLINE SHOP, Bangladesh.

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