Toshiba e-Studio 2518A MFP Copier Machine (Touch Screen)

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e-Studio 2518A
  • Print /Copy Speed: Up to 25 cmp/ppm
  • Display: 10.1" Colour WSVGA Touch Screen
  • Paper Capacity: Standard 2 x 550 (Tray) +100 Sheet (Bypass)

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Model e-Studio 2518A
Type Console by original Pedestal Or Floor Mound
Copy System Indirect Electrostatic Photographic Method
Display Size 10.1" Colour WSVGA Touch Screen Tilting Display
CPU / Processor Intel Atom 1.33 GHz ( Dual-Core)
Memory Size RAM: 2GB
Hard Disk Drive ( HDD) +320 GB+ (Shared for all Function)
Warm-Up Time Approx. 20 Seconds
First Copy Out 4.3 Seconds
Multiple Copying Up to 999 Copies
Copy/ Print Speed 25 cpm
Max. Original Size Maximum A3
Zoom / Magnification 25% to 400%, 25% to 200% RADF
Interface Standard: USB (High speed), 10/100BASE-T,
Duplex Copying Built in ( ADU) Automatic Duplex Unit (Documents Manual Scan Then Duplex Copying)
Daily Copy Capacity up to 2500 Pages
Power Supply & Consumption 220-240 Volt, 8 Amps, 50 Hz, Max. 2.0kw
Dimensions (W x L x H) W585 x D585 x H787 mm
Weight Approx. 58Kg
Platen Cover Platen Cover ( Free of Cost )
Trolly High Desk ( Free of Cost )


Toshiba e-Studio 2518A MFP Copier Machine Price in Bangladesh

If you're looking for the Toshiba 2518A price in Bangladesh, you'll find various options to suit your budget. The cash price for the Toshiba e-Studio 2518A MFP Copier Machine is ৳165,500.00, while the dealer price is offered at ৳155,500.00. The regular price is yet to be announced. Additionally, EMI options are available for those who prefer to pay in installments. This multi-functional machine offers a range of features, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses and offices in Bangladesh.

In today's fast-paced office environments, having an efficient and reliable copying and printing solution is not just a luxury—it's a necessity. If you're in Bangladesh and looking for a machine that can handle all your document-related tasks with ease, look no further. Introducing the Toshiba e-Studio 2518A, a multi-functional copier machine designed to meet all your office needs.

From its user-friendly interface to its speedy performance, the Toshiba e-Studio 2518A is the comprehensive solution you've been searching for. Whether you're running a small business or managing a busy office, this machine offers a range of features tailored to streamline your workflow and increase productivity.

So, if you're in Bangladesh and the market for a top-of-the-line copier machine, the Toshiba e-Studio 2518A should be at the top of your list.

Key Features Toshiba e-Studio 2518A in Bangladesh

When it comes to finding a multi-functional copier machine that offers both efficiency and reliability, the Toshiba e-Studio 2518A is a standout choice. Let's take a deeper look into its features and how they contribute to making this machine a top pick for various settings.

10.1" Colour WSVGA Touch Screen:

The large touch screen isn't just for show; it's a functional feature that simplifies navigation. With intuitive icons and easy-to-follow menus, you can access all functions effortlessly.

Intel Atom 1.33 GHz Dual-Core Processor:

A powerful processor means faster operations and less waiting time. Whether you're copying, printing, or scanning, the dual-core processor ensures that the machine can handle it all smoothly.

25 cpm Copy/Print Speed:

Time is money, and this machine saves you plenty of both. With a copy and print speed of 25 cpm, you can get through large tasks in no time.

Built-in Automatic Duplex Unit:

This feature is a game-changer for businesses looking to cut costs. Automatic double-sided printing reduces paper usage, contributing to both cost savings and environmental sustainability.

Maximum A3 Original Size:

The ability to handle A3 size originals makes this machine versatile enough for various document types, from booklets to large diagrams.

User Application

The Toshiba e-Studio 2518A MFP Copier Machine is not just another piece of office equipment; it's a versatile solution designed to fit a variety of settings. Whether you're a freelancer working from a home office, a small business owner, or a manager in a larger organization, this machine has something to offer you.

Small Offices:

Compact Design: The machine's compact dimensions make it a perfect fit for Small offices where space is at a premium.

User-Friendly Interface: The 10.1" touch screen ensures that even those who are not tech-savvy can easily navigate through the machine's various functions.

Small to Medium Businesses:

High-Speed Performance: With a copy and print speed of 25 cpm, this machine can easily handle the demands of growing businesses.

Cost-Effective: The built-in Automatic Duplex Unit and high daily copy capacity make it a cost-effective solution for SMBs.

Educational Institutions:

Bulk Copying: The machine's ability to handle up to 2500 pages daily makes it ideal for schools and colleges where bulk copying is a regular requirement.

Versatile Document Handling: With the ability to handle A3 size originals, this machine can accommodate a range of document types, from booklets to large diagrams.

Corporate Offices:

Robust Features: Advanced features like multiple copying options and a powerful dual-core processor make it suitable for corporate settings with high-volume needs.

Network Connectivity: Ethernet and optional wireless connectivity ensure that the machine can be easily integrated into larger network systems.

Benefits of Toshiba e-Studio 2518A MFP Copier Machine

The Toshiba e-Studio 2518A MFP Copier Machine isn't just another office appliance; it's a comprehensive solution designed to elevate your document management process. Here are some compelling benefits that make this machine a must-have for any modern office:

Efficiency at Its Best

Quick Warm-Up: Say goodbye to long waiting times. The machine warms up in approximately 20 seconds, ensuring you can start your tasks without delay.

High-Speed Copying and Printing: With a copy and print speed of 25 cpm, you can get more done in less time.

User-Friendly Interface

10.1" Colour WSVGA Touch Screen: The large touch screen offers an intuitive interface, making it easy even for first-time users to navigate through functions.

Versatility and Flexibility

Multiple Copying Options: Whether it's single-sided or double-sided, A4 or A3, the machine offers a plethora of options to suit your needs.

Versatile Interface Options: USB and network connectivity options offer the flexibility to fit into various office setups.


Built-in Automatic Duplex Unit: Automatic double-sided printing not only saves paper but also contributes to a greener environment.

High Daily Copy Capacity: Capable of handling up to 2500 pages daily, this machine is a cost-effective solution for high-volume tasks.


Intel Atom 1.33 GHz Dual-Core Processor: The powerful processor ensures that the machine can handle multiple tasks efficiently, making it a reliable choice for busy work environments.

Usage Guidance of Toshiba e-Studio 2518A MFP Copier Machine

Getting the most out of your Toshiba e-Studio 2518A MFP Copier Machine involves understanding how to set it up and use its various features effectively. Here's a quick guide to help you get started:

Initial Setup:

Unboxing and Placement: Carefully unbox the machine and place it on a stable, flat surface near a power outlet.

Power Connection: Plug the machine into the power outlet and turn it on using the power button.

Initial Configuration: Follow the on-screen prompts on the 10.1" touch screen to set the date, time, and other initial settings.

Connecting to a Computer or Network:

USB Connection: Use a high-speed USB cable to connect the machine directly to your computer.

Network Connection: For network connectivity, use an Ethernet cable to connect the machine to your local network.

Wireless Setup: If your network supports it, you can also set up a wireless connection through the machine's interface.

Driver Installation:

Driver CD: Insert the provided CD into your computer and follow the installation prompts.

Online Download: Alternatively, you can download the latest drivers from the Toshiba website.

Basic Operations:

Copying: Place the document on the scanner bed or in the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) and select the 'Copy' function.

Printing: Send a print job from your computer or mobile device to the machine.

Scanning: Place the document you wish to scan on the scanner bed and select the 'Scan' function.

Advanced Features:

Duplex Copying: Use the built-in Automatic Duplex Unit to perform double-sided copying.

Multiple Copying: You can set the machine to make up to 999 copies of a single document.

Zoom/Magnification: Adjust the zoom settings according to the size of the document you are copying or scanning.

Toshiba e-Studio 2518A Pricing and Availability in BME

When it comes to investing in a multi-functional copier machine like the Toshiba e-Studio 2518A, understanding the pricing and availability is crucial. Here's what you need to know:

Presenting the Price:

The Toshiba e-Studio 2518A is competitively priced to offer you the best value for your investment. The cash price for this advanced machine is ৳165,500.00. For dealers, a special price of ৳155,500.00 is available. The regular price is yet to be announced, so stay tuned for updates.

Discounts and Offers:

While the machine already offers excellent value at its current price, keep an eye out for ongoing or upcoming promotions that could provide additional savings. EMI options are also available, offering a convenient way to spread the cost over several months.

Stock and Delivery:

Currently, the stock status is listed as "Request Stock," indicating that you may need to inquire about availability. Once confirmed, you can expect prompt delivery service to get your machine up and running as soon as possible.

By offering a range of pricing options and flexible payment methods, the Toshiba e-Studio 2518A aims to be an accessible and cost-effective solution for businesses and individuals alike.

FAQs of Toshiba e-Studio 2518A MFP Copier Machine

How to Set Up the Machine?

Setting up the Toshiba e-Studio 2518A is simple. After unboxing, connect it to a power source and follow the on-screen prompts for initial configuration. For detailed steps, refer to the Usage Guidance section.

What is the Warranty Period?

The Toshiba e-Studio 2518A comes with a standard one-year warranty, which can be extended through various warranty plans.

How to Avail Customer Support?

For technical issues or other queries, you can reach out to customer support via phone, email, or through the official website's support section.

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Final Encouragement

In summary, the Toshiba e-Studio 2518A is more than just a copier machine; it's a comprehensive solution designed to meet the most demanding office needs efficiently. From its high-speed performance to its user-friendly interface and robust features, this machine offers unparalleled value. Considering the Toshiba e-Studio 2518A price in Bangladesh, it's an investment that promises excellent returns in terms of productivity and ease of use.

What is the price of Toshiba e-Studio 2518A MFP Copier Machine (Touch Screen) in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Toshiba e-Studio 2518A MFP Copier Machine (Touch Screen) in Bangladesh is ৳165,500.00 . You can buy the Toshiba e-Studio 2518A MFP Copier Machine (Touch Screen) at best price from BME ONLINE SHOP, Bangladesh.

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