Toshiba e-Studio 2523A Copier Machine (Desktop)

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e-Studio 2523A
  • Function: A3 Copy, Print & Scan
  • Copy/Print Speed: Up to 25 cpm/ppm
  • RAM: 256MB, Processor: ARM9 360MHz
  • Resolution: Up to 2400×600dpi (Smoothing)
  • Paper Capacity: Standard 1x 250 + 100 Sheet
  • Printer & Scanner: USB Printing & Color Scanning

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General Features:
Model e-Studio 2523A
Country of Origin Japan
Country of Manufacture China
Imaging Principle Indirect Electrostatic Imaging
Warm-Up Time / Start Time About 15 seconds
RAM 256 MB
Processor ARM9 360MHz
Standard Interface USB2.0
Dimension (W × D × H) 575×540×402 mm
Power Consumption ≤1.5KW (220-240V)
Weight Approx. 25.5 kg / 56.2 lbs
Copying Features:
Copy Speed 25 cpm
First Copy OutTime 6.4 sec. (A4)
Coping Resolution 2,400 × 600 dpi (with smoothing)
Maximum Number of Copies Up to 999
Printing Features:
Print Speed 25 ppm
Print Resolution 600 × 600 dpi, 2,400 × 600 dpi (with smoothing)
Scan Features:
Max. Scan Speed Color: 24 spm (200dpi); B & W: 25 spm (if Used RADF)
Data Format TIFF, PDF, JPEG
Scan to USB/ Mobile Yes
Paper Handling Features:
Maximum Paper Sizes A5-R to A3
Standard Input Paper Capacity 350 Sheets ( Tray: 250 pages + Bypass: 100 pages)
Standard Paper Path 02 Path (Frist Tray + Bypass)
Available Paper Weight Tray: 64-80g/m2 & Bypass: 52-216g/m2
Security Features:
Standard Security Department code
Warranty Information:
Warranty 01 Year Service Warranty (No Parts Warranty)
Supplies Information:
Toner Cartridge T-2323C


Toshiba 2523A Digital Multifunctional Photocopier Machine Price in Bangladesh

The Toshiba E Studio 2523A Duplex Photocopier Machine offers an optimal blend of performance and value in Bangladesh. With a cash price of ৳45,500.00 and a regular price of ৳59,500.00, this machine provides efficient copying and printing at speeds of up to 25 cpm/ppm. 

It features a robust 256MB RAM and an ARM9 360MHz processor for seamless operation. Currently in stock, the machine is also available with flexible EMI options, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses, schools,  and offices. 

With its wide range of features and competitive pricing, the Toshiba E Studio 2523A stands as a compelling option for anyone looking to invest in a reliable photocopier machine in Bangladesh.

In the bustling business landscape of Bangladesh, efficiency and reliability are two key components that organizations constantly seek when it comes to office equipment. One such indispensable item is a photocopier machine. Enter the Toshiba E Studio 2523A, a solution designed to meet these very demands.

Whether you're a small business in Dhaka looking for an upgrade or a corporate office in Chittagong aiming to enhance operational efficiency, this Toshiba photocopier serves as an ideal pick for a myriad of settings across Bangladesh.

Key Features of Toshiba E Studio 2523A in Bangladesh

The Toshiba E Studio 2523A is engineered to stand out in the field of photocopier machines. Here are some key features that set it apart:

Speed Capabilities: 

One of the machine's most compelling features is its copy and print speed, which reaches up to 25 copies or prints per minute (cpm/ppm). This speed ensures your workflow remains uninterrupted and efficient.

RAM and Processor Specs: 

With 256MB of RAM and an ARM9 360MHz processor, the Toshiba E Studio 2523A offers robust performance. These specifications ensure quick data processing and seamless operations, even when handling complex tasks.

Paper Capacity: 

The machine comes with a generous paper capacity, featuring a standard tray that can hold 250 sheets and an additional multi-purpose tray with a 100-sheet capacity. This feature minimizes the frequency of paper refills, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

USB Printing & Color Scanning: 

The machine supports USB printing, providing a convenient option to print directly from external storage devices. Additionally, it offers color scanning functionality, making it versatile in meeting your document handling needs.

Benefits Toshiba E Studio 2523A PhotoCopier Machine

Efficiency in Copying and Printing: 

The machine’s high speed coupled with robust processing power ensures that all your copying and printing needs are met efficiently.

Versatility in Paper Handling: 

The ample paper capacity and the option to print directly via USB make this machine a versatile choice for diverse paper handling requirements.

Color Scanning Capabilities: 

The added feature of color scanning not only diversifies the machine’s utility but also simplifies your documentation process by adding the possibility of digital archiving.

Whether you're operating in a bustling corporate environment or a smaller, more intimate setting, the Toshiba E Studio 2523A in Bangladesh is designed to bring robust features and quick benefits to meet your needs effectively.

User Application Toshiba E Studio 2523A PhotoCopier Machine

This machine is incredibly versatile, making it well-suited for various environments. For offices, its compact design and multiple functionalities like USB printing and color scanning are invaluable for handling an array of tasks without consuming much space. Small businesses will appreciate its speed and paper capacity, which align well with the needs of a growing team.

Considering the features and the Toshiba E Studio 2523A price, it offers a balanced package of performance and affordability, making it a worthwhile investment for businesses, schools, and offices in Bangladesh.

By closely examining these features, it becomes evident that the Toshiba E Studio 2523A is a comprehensive solution designed to meet the specific needs of different work settings effectively.

5 Steps Setup and Usage Guidance of Toshiba E Studio 2523A PhotoCopier Machine

1. Unboxing: 

Carefully remove all packaging materials and ensure all parts and accessories are included.

2. Connection: 

Connect the machine to a power source and turn it on. For network capabilities, make sure to connect it to your local network using the appropriate cables.

3. Driver Installation: 

Install the necessary drivers on the computers that will be using the photocopier. This will enable seamless printing and scanning functionalities.

4. Paper Loading: 

Open the paper tray and load it with paper. Adjust the paper guides to fit the paper size you're using.

5. Initial Test: 

Run a test print or copy to ensure everything is functioning properly.

For regular usage, the interface is user-friendly, and most options can be accessed via the machine's control panel. It's advised to refer to the user manual for in-depth guidance and troubleshooting tips.

FAQs of Toshiba E Studio 2523A PhotoCopier Machine

How can I speed up the printing process?

To optimize speed, ensure you're not running too many high-resolution print jobs simultaneously. Also, use the machine's draft mode for internal documents. 

What type of paper is best for high-quality prints? 

For optimal print quality, it's recommended to use paper that is compatible with the machine. Check the user manual for paper specifications. Shipping and Return Policies 

What is the shipping time once the order is placed?

Typically, the machine is shipped within 2-5 business days, depending on location and stock availability. 

What is the return policy?

We offer a 14-day return policy from the date of delivery, provided the machine is in its original condition and packaging. Please check our terms and conditions for more details. Warranty and Support 

What type of warranty comes with the machine? 

The machine comes with a standard one-year warranty that covers parts and labor.

How do I avail support for technical issues? 

For technical support, you can reach out to our customer service through email or phone. We also provide a comprehensive user manual and online resources for troubleshooting.

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Final Encouragement

When it comes to achieving efficiency and reliability in your printing and scanning tasks, the Toshiba E Studio 2523A stands out as an excellent choice. This machine not only offers robust features but also promises a performance that you can count on, all at a competitive price. 

With the Toshiba E Studio 2523A price in Bangladesh currently at ৳48,000.00, this photocopier is an investment worth making for businesses, schools, and offices alike. Don't miss out—explore our website or contact our customer support for more information and take the first step toward enhancing your document handling capabilities today.

What is the price of Toshiba e-Studio 2523A Copier Machine (Desktop) in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Toshiba e-Studio 2523A Copier Machine (Desktop) in Bangladesh is ৳45,000.00 . You can buy the Toshiba e-Studio 2523A Copier Machine (Desktop) at best price from BME ONLINE SHOP, Bangladesh.

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