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Best Printer Ink Cartridge Price List in Bangladesh

10 Best Printer Cartridge List in May, 2020 Latest Price  
HP 65 Tri-Color Original Ink Cartridge, N9K01AA ৳ 1,500  
HP 65 Black Original Ink Cartridge, N9K02AA ৳ 1,500  
HP 45 Black Original Inkjet Cartridge ৳ 3,050  
EPSON T6736 Light Magenta Original Refill Ink Bottle ৳ 1,000  
HP 680 Tri-Color Original Ink Advantage Cartridge ৳ 750  
EPSON T6735 Light Cyan Original Refill Ink Bottle ৳ 1,000  
HP 680 Black Original Ink Advantage Cartridge ৳ 750  
EPSON T6734 Yellow Original Refill Ink Bottle ৳ 1,000  
EPSON T6733 Magenta Original Refill Ink Bottle ৳ 1,000  
EPSON T6731 Black Original Refill Ink Bottle ৳ 1,000  


We provide Printer Ink Cartridge in Bangladesh. BME Company is one of the best Printer Ink Cartridge provider companies in Bangladesh. We supply high brands Printer Ink Cartridge in Bangladesh. For example,  Deli Printer Ink Cartridge, HP Printer Ink Cartridge, Epson Printer Ink Cartridge, etc. Ink Cartridge Printing Specifies the material used for inkjet printers (including inkjet type multifunction machines) to store ink and finally complete printing. Ink cartridges play an important role in complete inkjet printers, especially for some low printers, which have already reached the cost of 2 cartridges of ink = 1 printer. Therefore, when purchasing a printer, you must consider the condition of the ink cartridge.

About of Printer Ink Cartridge

Fill Printer Ink Usage Instructions Ink General Print Printing. According to the color base, dye-based ink is also the ink used in most inkjet printers. Ink based on pigment. According to the solvent: Ink, water, and water-soluble solvent are the main constituents of the dissolved chromosphere. Lubricating ink using a water-soluble solvent as the main ingredient in the oily chromophores. They cross each other during actual use. For example, some pigment inks can be aqueous ink or oily ink. However, in terms of nature and the actual requirements of the printer, water-based ink and oil-based inks do not allow mixing in the same printing machine. The shelf life of the ink is usually two years. The ceiling is required to avoid direct sunlight to store ink, and the temperature should not be too high or too low (maybe normal room temperature).  

Filling instruction in an ink cartridge (1) A paper towel or absorbent material is absorbed ink spilled under the ink cartridge. (2) Uncover the ink cartridge cover top label to reveal the ink filling hole. (3) Take the ink bottle of the corresponding color, unplug the ceiling cap, deeply insert the needle of the ink bottle into the ink injection hole, and slowly squeeze the ink bottle to add ink. Typically, black is injected between one grid and half, and color injection can be multiple grids. (Note: If this is a color ink cartridge, carefully check if the ink bottle color is the same as the ink bottle color). 4) Pull the ink bottle and stick it as labeled. (5) Wipe the nozzle part of the ink cartridge with a paper towel, install it on the printer, and clean the print head or 2-3 print heads before checking the nozzle. 

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